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Exercises To Be Better In Bed

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Exercises To Be Better In Bed

Exercising regularly and improving fitness doesn't just make us healthier or more attractive: it is also key to enjoying a satisfying sex life. Physical strength is a great ally when it comes to increasing pleasure and enjoying more passionate and exciting sexual encounters. With this in mind, we really don't need any more reasons to decide once and for all to work out every day! In the following OneHowTo article you will discover the best exercises to be better in the bedroom and enjoying your sex life to the full.

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Steps to follow:


How exercise can improve your sex life

  • Improves endurance
  • Improves the body's strength and flexibility
  • Improves self-esteem
  • More active sexual desire
  • Longer lasting sex
  • More pleasurable orgasms

Kegel exercises. These exercises can help you have better sex and much more pleasurable intimate encounters. They focus on exercising and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which lose their natural tone over time. Doing Kegel exercises is beneficial for both men and women: for men they help in maintaining erections and controlling ejaculation, and for women they enhance and intensify orgasms. Furthermore, toning the vaginal muscles can reduce the difficulties in reaching climax that some women experience.

Discover which are the best Kegel exercises for both men and women in these articles:


Abdominals. Have you ever wondered how the abdominal muscles could possibly improve sexual performance? It turns out that toning the abdominal muscles improves core stability, making you stronger and thus more able to perform certain sexual positions. In addition, firm and strong abs help increase strength, allowing men to intensify thrusting during penetration.

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Pushups. By doing pushups, you're exercising all the upper body muscles. This develops your physical strength, which is essential for making sex more long-lasting, passionate and exciting. With exercises like this, you'll feel energized and you'll dive into your sexual encounters with more momentum and desire.

Exercises To Be Better In Bed - Step 4

Swimming. Cardiovascular activities like swimming are also a good way of exercising to enjoy better sex. Above all they will allow you to improve your endurance, resulting in more powerful, long-lasting and pleasurable sex. In addition, you'll have better control of your breathing and won't run out of energy too early. You could also try running, dance classes, or cycling - they all have the same effect.

Exercises To Be Better In Bed - Step 5

Improve flexibility. Start doing exercises to improve body flexibility, which will greatly increase the pleasure you get from sex. You will be able to try out new positions that seemed impossible before, and your sexual life will be full of new and exciting sensations. Disciplines such as yoga, stretching, Pilates or Bodymind are perfect for stretching the muscles and developing an impressive flexibility which will then be translated to the bedroom.

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Exercises To Be Better In Bed