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The Best Tips To Improve In Bed

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
The Best Tips To Improve In Bed
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Having good sex is something that many people want, and that they want to fully enjoy as an important aspect of a relationship. The good news is that you can make sex much better by following a few simple tips that will help you better understand the needs and desires of your partner to empathise better in intimate aspects and to get more pleasure. At OneHowTo.com, we give you some of the best tips to improve in bed which will be very useful.

Steps to follow:


One of the tricks to improving in bed is to remember that sex involves two people. Do not think only of yourself, also think about the other person's pleasure and satisfaction and keep balanced sex which both off you can enjoy.


Talk to your partner about what you like in sex. This is a major trick to improving in bed since communication is very important with your partner, especially in privacy.

When both say what they enjoy in bed, it is much easier to empathise and have more pleasure. Talk about sex with your partner, there is nothing wrong with it.

If you've never had sex with another person and it's hard to say what you enjoy, think about what pleases you when you masturbate, and discuss it with your partner.


Do not limit yourself only to the genitals. The erogenous zones of women and men encompass many different parts of the body beyond the vagina or penis. Among the tricks to improve in bed is exploration. Explore and stimulate the whole body of your partner from head to foot, discovering the pleasure points beyond the obvious.

You'll see how this game makes sex much more pleasant.

The Best Tips To Improve In Bed - Step 3

Do not stay silent during sex. If you want to excite your partner and increase complicity is very important to express yourself in bed. Tell your partner when you like something. Groans show that you enjoy it, this will greatly increase the excitement, but above all will make the other person know that you appreciate what they are doing, and this is very important to improve in bed.


One of the tricks to improving in bed which you should consider is to give each step time. Forget quick sex and enjoy unhurried intimacy. We all want to enjoy as much as possible of something we like, so remember that there is no competition, it is not necessary to run.


If you want pleasurable sex, create a suitable environment for it. To improve in bed is important to be in a comfortable space in which you can undress, explore and enjoy your partner without distractions. If you always experience rushed sex or sex in inappropriate places, then you are probably not enjoying it as you should.

The Best Tips To Improve In Bed - Step 6

The last of the tricks to improve in bed is especially concerned with you, overcome your sexual taboos and relax during sex. It is very important to be open minded and ready for enjoyment. If you're constantly worrying about your physique, your fears or obsessions then it is impossible that you and your partner will enjoy your time in bed.

Dare to follow these tips and improve your intimacy. Try being more daring in bed.

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The Best Tips To Improve In Bed