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How to Accept when a Relationship is Over

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Accept when a Relationship is Over

When the time has come where two people end up lacking love and commitment for each other, it can often be difficult to realise or even accept it. This is normal, as certain phases are experienced when a relationship finishes, where you once felt fully committed and had clear, real feelings towards the other person. When you reach that point, you must accept that the relationship is over and start a new life, but this is not always easy. OneHowTo will give you some tips on how to accept when a relationship is over so you can move forward and overcome this moment as soon as possible.

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Steps to follow:


When a relationship between two people ends, you go through several phases, as if you are in mourning. In fact, it is like feeling that someone is no longer with you. For this reason, you have to face up to different stages during that period whilst accepting that the relationship is over.

First, you go through the stage of denial, believing that it's really a nightmare and hasn't actually happened. Gradually, you'll experience feelings of sadness, euphoria, isolation... these are all normal phases when you suffer a loss. For this reason, you have to be really clear about who you are, what you want and accept the phases you are going to go through, whilst knowing that everything will pass, nothing lasts forever and you can go back to being who you were before.

How to Accept when a Relationship is Over - Step 1

Think about yourself: you have to work on your self-esteem, value yourself and convince yourself that you are a strong person who can deal with change. Generally, change always unbalances you. As with any other situation, when it comes to the end of a relationship, you have to carry on valuing yourself as you deserve. Accept that you deserve to live a better life in a different way to what you had before. It doesn't matter who has left who, you are going to survive without them and move forward with your life without needing to have someone by your side.

How to Accept when a Relationship is Over - Step 2

Don't blame yourself. If they have left you for someone else, don't think it's your fault. People change and mature in different ways and at different times, so it can be normal for the other person's tastes or ambitions to have changed from when you met.

If you are one who has left, do not blame yourself for it, however much they hurt or however much they make you feel responsible. People return to normal and nobody acts the same way or matures at the same time. You have every right in the world to want to change your life if the current way isn't making you happy. It is not a personal failure when a relationship has failed, as it involves two people.


Learn to enjoy the solitude. When you spend a long time with a person, you get used to their constant presence, which becomes something secure that you can continually hold onto. This is when you stop spending time alone or stop enjoying it. One of the most common mistakes is to start another relationship due to this fear of loneliness, when you are not ready and probably don't want to be in another relationship. So, enjoy these moments to yourself and learn to live with it.

How to Accept when a Relationship is Over - Step 4

Have enough personality to know where your limits are and how far you are willing to go. What you accept and what you don't accept, where you want to live and where you'd never live. Being with someone at all costs, without being clear about what you want, is not what's best for your happiness. Try to be yourself.

Remember you only have one life and you have to live it happily and as you really want to. It's your own life and do not want to live it feeling sad or insecure.


Make plans is the best way to deal with a break up. Take the opportunity to resume those friendships that you perhaps left behind when you were in a relationship or strive to meet new people. To do this, don't shut yourself away at home. Force yourself to go out when you're feeling sad. That way, you'll accept when a relationship has ended much better by seeing that everyone is waiting for you out there. People are by your side and love you or want to share their time with you, as well as other people you are going to like. Lean on your family. Do different things that you don't remember doing before your relationship. Improvise and be amazed by all the new things you can learn.

When you get yourself ready and make yourself look good, you feel more secure and stronger, which is very important so you don't let yourself go.

How to Accept when a Relationship is Over - Step 6

Don't try to replace one person for another, as everyone is different and irreplaceable. First, you have to overcome the pain and grief caused by the end of a relationship, feel secure in yourself and calm yourself down before starting another relationship. So, it's okay to meet new people, but be careful. As the famous saying goes "the best way to get over a man is to get under another one." This may help for a little while, but you won't be able to avoid making comparisons which may make you recall memories that are now painful. Give yourself time by yourself, then you can spend it on a new person.

How to Accept when a Relationship is Over - Step 7

You will have accepted that the relationship has ended when you stop thinking that you'll get back with that person, as opposed to when you cross paths with them and your feelings are still alive. When you reach the stage of not thinking about getting back together with that person who was by your side, when only good memories remain and you no longer feel bitter or any blame, you will have reached the acceptance stage. Believe us, you will feel happier and you will enjoy so many more things that life has to offer you!

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How to Accept when a Relationship is Over