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How to Act When You See Your Ex in Public

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Act When You See Your Ex in Public

When some time has passed since you and your ex broke up, seeing your former partner in public can be a really awkward moment for both of you. In this type of situation, certain may resurface... or not. You might nervous, joy or sadness. It all depends on how things ended between you. Seeing your ex in public is almost always inevitable, so to be able to cope in the best way possible and remain cool, calm and collected, this OneHowTo article will give you some basic tips on how to act when you see your ex in public.

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Steps to follow:


If you see your ex in public, or you find yourself in the same space as them, you should never run away or hide behind something. Take a deep breath and act normally. If you freak out, they might think you still have feelings, or that you're not being mature about the situation. You don't have to run up to greet your ex, but if you see them in the distance, it won't hurt to just give a simple, friendly wave. That will be enough!

How to Act When You See Your Ex in Public - Step 1

Now, what to do if you run right into your ex, face-to-face? In this situation, it's best to stop and say hello, maybe offer a pleasant greeting without any subtle attacks or odious stares. Try not to project any hostility towards them. If you don't feel up to making conversation with them, a simple "hello, how are you" greeting as you walk by will be okay.

There's also the possibility that your ex decides to not say hello and pretends that they didn't see you, even though you know they did. But hey, this is not your problem! No matter how angry or sad it makes you, accept that decision, respect it and go on as if nothing had happened. If this happens you will know how to act the next time you cross paths with them.

How to Act When You See Your Ex in Public - Step 2

If, after the greeting, a conversation between the two of you is initiated don't let it last too long. If the conversation is uncomfortable, it's best to be brief and quickly part ways. On the other hand, if the conversation is a little too comfortable, by all means talk a little longer, but not too long. It might be easy to fall back into the comfortableness with each other that you once shared. Don't take your chemistry as a sign that they want to have a relationship with you. It's just that you once shared a part of your lives together, but the relationship is over... for a reason.


During a conversation with your former partner who you have just bumped into you should remember that there are limits that must not be exceeded and certain issues that are best not spoken about so to not ruin the encounter. Some tips you should keep in mind are:

  • Do not tell him or her about all your life details. It is not necessary that in this meeting you explain everything you have done since you broke up as the emotional intimacy you had in the past is no longer relevant. Do not feel obligated to explain things that you do not want him or her to know, you must think and decide what you want to explain and what you want to keep to yourself.
  • Treat your ex naturally, as you would any other person you encounter. Although you became accustomed to treating and speaking to each other in a certain way that is now in the past. Now certain gestures, looks and questions will no longer be appropriate or desirable.
  • No reproaches or recalling certain moments of your relationship. Time has passed and it is not time to argue or reproach one another for the disappointments felt. You should not talk about past intimacies as they may give a false impression that they can recur at present.
  • Do not stay silent. Talk to him or her normally, showing that you have gotten over it. Show yourself as being indifferent, smile naturally and let him or her see that you have mastered the situation to perfection.
How to Act When You See Your Ex in Public - Step 4

What if he is accompanied by his new partner? Stay calm and act normally greeting your ex and their partner and, above all, avoid invading the space of their current partner or saying things about your ex or your past relationship that may bother them. You must be aware of the place that you currently occupy and be clear you are no longer the partner.


If you follow all these tips on how to act when you see your ex you will overcome the situation with perfect dignity and you will continue with your life and remain as happy as you were to that point. But if you still need more time to deal with the breakup and forget your ex once and for all we recommend you check some of the following items:

How to Act When You See Your Ex in Public - Step 6

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How to Act When You See Your Ex in Public