How To Know If Your Partner is Cheating Sexually

By Ameera Mills. Updated: July 9, 2020
How To Know If Your Partner is Cheating Sexually

Have you notice that you haven’t connected properly with your partner as usual lately? Are you suspicious that your partner might be sleeping with someone else? When we have been in a relationship with someone for a long time, it is normal that you worry about even the smallest change in your relationship, without any logical explanation. Maybe it's your imagination, maybe that person is really changing or even possibly being unfaithful.

Before accusing your partner of infidelity without any proof, it is important to asses your situation before taking any drastic action that might really affect your relationship. In this article at oneHOWTO we discuss some possible signs of how to know if your partner is cheating sexually.

Your partner doesn’t let you close to their mobile

A very clear signal that your partner might be having sex with another person is that they now worry about the privacy on their phone. For example, you ask to see a photo on their phone and they keep the screen hidden or they never leave their phones out in the open like they maybe used to. These are all signs that maybe your partner is hiding something from you, specifically, if this behavior wasn’t present before.

Finally, another aspect related to the mobile which could also be a sign of infidelity is that your partner spends more time talking on their phone than usual, most likely not telling you who they are talking to. By them not telling you or being honest when you ask, it immediately marks a flaw in the relationship. As relationships should fundamental be built on a solid honest transparency.

How To Know If Your Partner is Cheating Sexually - Your partner doesn’t let you close to their mobile

New personal hygiene habits

Another way to detect infidelity is with hygiene. If your partner has always been a person with very evident hygiene habits, you should ignore this section of the article. However, if your partner is suddenly starting to change their habits to the verge of becoming extreme, we then suggest checking if your partner has made some of these hygiene-related changes to their regime:

  • Constantly fixing and worrying about their appearance.
  • Having more showers than usual at strange hours of the day and night.
  • They make sure they put their clothes in the washing machine without you touching or smelling them.
  • Your partner has either changed their perfume or you notice a different smell on them.

They don’t feel like having sex with you

This would be the clearest sign in the list that your partner is cheating, especially if you both normally have an active sexual relationship. If your partner is having sex with a third person it is normal that the desire to have sex with you will diminish, because when they get home they have already been sexually satisfied.

Avoidance signs present themselves in different forms, for example, your partner consciously sleeping before you, constantly making excuses that they are tired or not feeling well and when you do finally have sex they seem disconnected or disinterested.

How To Know If Your Partner is Cheating Sexually - They don’t feel like having sex with you

Your partner gets defensive about everything

People who are possibly cheating tend to be to be more irascible than normal and explode about even the slightest little thing. For example, if you confront your partner about constantly arriving home later than usual without contacting you or keeping you informed, they will most likely react in a defensive way, turning the tables on you or making you feel guilty.

How To Know If Your Partner is Cheating Sexually - Your partner gets defensive about everything

They are not the same person you fell in love with

Another sign that your partner is being sexually unfaithful is that we notice our partner generally being different, as if they don’t want us like they did before. This could be in your imagination or maybe they have changed towards you for other reasons. However, if you notice the following changes in your partner, it is probable they might have met another person:

  • They make less plans with you, as if wanting to "get rid of you".
  • It's been a long time since you’ve both had a proper connection.
  • They take long to respond to your messages but respond to others instantly.
  • One day they are very affectionate and kind to you, and the next they don’t want to know anything about you.
  • They look for any reason to break up , sometimes blaming you for a situation that is not your fault.

Whatever the situation might be, we always recommend talking to your partner, being honest and having a conversation. This way you can find out the truth of what is really going on in your relationship.

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How To Know If Your Partner is Cheating Sexually
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How To Know If Your Partner is Cheating Sexually

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