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What If I Don't Love My Wife Anymore

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: June 3, 2018
What If I Don't Love My Wife Anymore

There was a time when both of you agreed to tie the nuptial knot and started the marital relationship in the witness of all your friends and relatives. Marriage is supposed to happen once in a lifetime, but the time may come when you no longer feel the spark. You used to cuddle together on the couch watching your favorite movie, but those happy times have disappeared now. Now that you don’t love your partner any more, what will you do next? Read this OneHowTo.com article to find out what if I don't love my wife anymore.

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  1. Write down what happened
  2. Give way to communication
  3. Ask her to go
  4. Make important decisions

Write down what happened

Take a pen and paper, and try to write down what went wrong in your relationship. Many times, few couples just decide to grow apart for almost no reason. There may be a series of events and things that your wife did, that you didn’t like and probably that hurt you. Do you have problem with your in-laws? This is common, but not a good reason to leave your wife. Some harmful things might have hurt you and you may not be able to forget them at any cost. Writing the wrong things down may sometimes show that the breakdown of your marriage is not your wife’s fault alone. You may have disrespected your wife, or done some wrong to her. If there are complaints and grudges in your marriage, try to sort them out and give yourself a second chance. Once you have realized what’s wrong in your relationship, you can try to make things better without even letting your wife know of it.

What If I Don't Love My Wife Anymore - Write down what happened

Give way to communication

After identifying the problematic aspects of your marriage, you can sit with your wife and talk to her without fighting. Let her know what you are feeling, and what improvements you want in your relationship. If she is willing to stay in the relationship, she will definitely agree to at least try. But she may demand a few adjustments from your side as well. She must also be having some complaints from you, and you should be ready to adjust too.

What If I Don't Love My Wife Anymore - Give way to communication

Ask her to go

If you don’t love your wife any more, and you are not willing to give any other chance in the relationship, then the harshest thing you can do is to ask her to go. Be ready to receive different reactions from her. She may be angry, sorrowful, or sometimes even happy if she felt the same for you. You don’t want to be her husband any more, but you may not want to end the relationship with a negative note. Sit and talk to her and let her know that you don’t feel the same for her. She may feel sad at first, but she will be willing to move on, as there is no use forcing a relationship on anyone. Be ready to support her financially, especially if you are asking her to leave.

What If I Don't Love My Wife Anymore - Ask her to go

Make important decisions

If you are determined to discontinue the relationship, then there are certain decisions that you have to take regarding ending the marriage. There may be kids, properties, assets and others that you will have to decide upon. Try to work out a mutually agreed upon solution. If both of you are adamant, you will need to follow court proceedings which may take several years. You have to get ready for it financially, practically and emotionally.

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Just Somebloke
It is the hardest of it all. Years and years of loneliness...you cannot find it in you to say something or do something, so you continue. Your brain has taken over, your heart is dead, so you stay because t is the right thing to do.

And you waste your life away, and all you have is your own silence because you cannot even discuss this with anybody. And some days you regret being alive, you see yourself getting older and you just don't care anymore. One day it will be over and you will be free, the pain will be gone.

Follow you head or follow your heart? Always, always follow your heart, your head is a cold, emotionless idiot and it does not deserve to run your life. If you follow you head, your heart will cry for the rest of your life. If you follow your heart, your head, being the idiot it is, will watch in jealousy as you laugh with joy. And your life will be worth it, and in the end your head will see the merit and join your heart, and together you will be human and you will be happy.
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What If I Don't Love My Wife Anymore