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How to Be Happy After a Breakup

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Be Happy After a Breakup

When a couple breaks up, whatever the reason may be, you must try to move forward. Whether it's your partner who has broken up with you or it was your decision, it will be a decision that will cause a host of complex and even contradictory emotions. Life goes on, so rediscovering your way of life and personal satisfaction can sometimes feel difficult. In OneHowTo.com we explain how to be happy after a breakup.

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Steps to follow:


We will give you some tips and suggestions which can help you be happy after a breakup. Dedicating time to yourself is important once you end a relationship. For example, if you are a person who enjoys food, you can start enjoying the delights of gastronomy. It does not mean you should use food as an emotional comfort, but that you create some edible delights. What better way than to spend time cooking things you adore?

It may be a good time to learn to cook something you love, create some delightful food for your parents, or simply enjoy a delicious coffee. OneHowTo gives you some tips to get over heartbreak.


Another way to feel happy after a breakup is to listen to music. There is something in music that can help your mind to connect with your deepest "self". You may occasionally feel sad but it will be a great support for letting all your feelings go. Emotional repression is very negative when getting over pain after a relationship has ended.

In order to achieve well-being after a relationship, it is important that you find distractions or improve those that you put to one side. It may be reading, getting back into the gym, going to the cinema, getting hooked on a series or starting some kind of voluntary work. These are just a few suggestions for you to get to know yourself again and to distract yourself.

How to Be Happy After a Breakup - Step 2

The key to getting over a breakup is by trying not to dwell on what happened. Do not analyse the reasons for your emotional loss because it is useless. Try to divert your attention to other issues. Try connecting with nature. This can be a great way to disconnect from your emotional past. You will relieve your pain and your mind will be open to new and exciting experiences.

Look for a nearby place to wander where serenity and peace can take over. You can watch life carrying on there without feeling any pain. You should focus on the beauty of the landscape.

How to Be Happy After a Breakup - Step 3

Talk about your feelings and even try writing them down to let it flow. Let everything out without any fear and convert it all into words. You'll feel better and you will find that as you express what you feel, you will start to understand yourself better. You may also find an answer to your many questions and doubts.

Besides getting your thoughts in order, you can also devote time to rest. You may miss your partner by your side but we recommend that you dedicate time into turning your bed into a site where you disconnect. Change the sheets, put on some candles, take your teddy and find moments of warmth and comfort.


After your break-up, it may be a great time to do everything that you didn't do when you were dating. Many people stop doing certain activities because their other half didn't like it, or it simply didn't fit into your routine. Now you can return to everything that you stopped doing with no-one holding you back. Perhaps this may be one of those moments where you restore your personal happiness after your relationship breakup. It is a great moment to go back to taking care of yourself and loving you.

How to Be Happy After a Breakup - Step 5

Finally, don't forget that the people who surround you can help you to find peace and restore your well-being. They may be your friends or your family but you should look for company rather than isolating yourself. Being alone will not help you to overcome this difficulty. You will just become obsessed with the subject. Try to surround yourself with good influences, with wonderful people who love you as you are and above all, who support you.

How to Be Happy After a Breakup - Step 6

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How to Be Happy After a Breakup