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How to Be More Romantic

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Be More Romantic

Do you wonder how you can be more romantic in your relationship? Carry on reading and you will start to feel like the romance has returned to your love life. Although not everyone has the same idea of romance, it definitely plays an important part in keeping your spark and your passion going, especially when it comes to long-term relationships.

To show your thoughtful and loving side, you should let out the most creative and spontaneous aspects of your personality with the following advice. This OneHowTo.com explains how to be more romantic. Dare to take the plunge!

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Steps to follow:


For your relationship to be full of romance, you must view every day as a challenge, an eternal conquest. It is important to keep some mystery, and seduction is a basic tool to increase the sweetest side of your relationship.

Although you may have been with your partner for a while, that's no excuse to leave details and courtship to one side. Treat your loved one as if you have just met them and you would like them to fall in love with you again. Make them feel special with nice declarations of love, with sweet words and simple gestures. Don't be afraid or have any doubts about expressing everything you feel.

How to Be More Romantic - Step 1

One enemy of any loving relationship is routine, which is usually one of the most common causes of relationships going stale. Over time, people take everything they have for granted, including love.

To rekindle passion and enthusiasm, you should try to do new activities together. It doesn't need to involve very sophisticated plans, just a different meal out, a weekend away, or a surprise getaway for the day. A simple, spontaneous invitation will stimulate romance. But if you do not know where to start and you need more concrete ideas, our article on how to break routine in a relationship offers some very practical solutions.

How to Be More Romantic - Step 2

Your romantic gestures should be special, don't resort to what everyone else does. Romance goes far beyond conventions. Don't wait until Valentine's Day to buy a little treat for your partner. You can give little presents on any day and the most important thing is that they are personalized.

Think about what the person you love really likes. Those are the things that make your partner unique and that they will appreciate more than anyone else. Pay attention, listen to your partner, and fulfill their most romantic fantasies.

How to Be More Romantic - Step 3

Although you are a couple, you are not the same. What you may find romantic, your other half might not like. You should consider what your partner is like so you give them something that they'll love.

Do not focus on your tastes when making a romantic gesture. The most romantic moments are often simple and full of spontaneity. Perhaps a simple 'I love you' accompanied by a sweet breakfast is a lovely touch and what your relationship needs to restore some love again.

How to Be More Romantic - Step 4

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How to Be More Romantic - Step 5

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How to Be More Romantic