How to enjoy masturbation more - men

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to enjoy masturbation more - men

Masturbation is a pleasure that men often enjoy without taboo, but the fact that they feel the need to masturbate occasionally doesn't mean that they use the best technique. Masturbating should be enjoyed to the fullest and serve at the same time to explore the limitless possibilities of the body and what men like and what arouses them. If you want to go one step further, at we offer an article for you, so read on to discover how to enjoy masturbation more and achieve incredible climax.

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Steps to follow:

Masturbation is full of health benefits, but it also has an interesting component: the ability to know ourselves in private. Discovering your body's capabilities and your pleasure points is essential to enjoy sex more.


A good tip to enjoy masturbation more, is to explore your fantasies and discover what really excites you. Playing with fantasies from your past, and desires you'd like to see in reality or using pornography if you're a more visual person, are all excellent ideas to increase arousal and enjoy intense and pleasurable masturbation.


Using a lubricant is a great way to enhance the pleasure of masturbation while you reduce the likelihood of irritation or discomfort from rubbing with your hand. Lubricant will make masturbating smoother and much more exciting.

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Don't be afraid to use male masturbators, these are sex toys that have been designed and created to enhance sensation and the experience of masturbation such as a Head Honcho. A good alternative for both men and women is a dildo.

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Exceed your limits with masturbation and experience the possibility of lasting longer without ejaculating. When you're about to come, stop and try to withhold ejaculation. This is a great exercise for both those who ejaculate prematurely and for men who want to enhance their performance.


For men with long penises, using two fists at the same time around the shaft may also give more pleasure. Alterning the way you stroke with each hand can also cause extra pleasure for some.

For all penis sizes, use your thumb to make circular movements whilst masturbating to enhance pleasure even more. You can also try only stroking your glans with two fingers. Rub the head firmly.

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  • Explore different kind of rubbings to find the one which pleasures you the most. Some men enjoy anal stimulation too.

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How can I enhance my masterbaution without toys?
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No, there is no time of the day when it's bad to do so as long as you do so in private. In fact, masturbation has several benefits, take a look at this article:

How to enjoy masturbation more - men
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How to enjoy masturbation more - men

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