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How to Enjoy Masturbation More - For Girls

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 14, 2019
How to Enjoy Masturbation More - For Girls

Exploring your own body through masturbation is one of the best ways to identify your pleasure points. It is an activity full of benefits for your sexual and mental health. To get the most enjoyment out of it and discover some of the secrets that hide within our erogenous zones, it is important to know how to do it properly. Do you always have a good time by yourself? OneHOWTO will give you some tips to have an even better time. Discover how to enjoy masturbation more and achieve powerful orgasms. Let's start!

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  1. Breaking the taboo
  2. Get yourself excited
  3. Know your technique
  4. Experiment
  5. Practice makes perfect

Breaking the taboo

Female masturbation is important to discuss because it is a taboo that must be subverted. All women deserve to enjoy masturbation. And, it is particularly important because women find it much harder to orgasm during sex, than men.

To masturbate, it's not enough to just want to do it, you need to be excited to want to please yourself. This way, you will enjoy masturbation much more and will be able to explore on much more interesting and profound levels.

Get yourself excited

Not every woman responds the same to excitement. Some women get more turned on that others, and for those who might need a bit of assistance, vaginal lubricants can help avoid any sort of irritation from your hands. What's more, these products also make contact much more pleasant and therefore making masturbation much more enjoyable. Sometimes you can dry up before you know it. A helping hand is always a good idea (in every sense of the word!)

Turn to all of those exciting past sexual experiences, fantasize with images that turn you on more. Don't be afraid to use pornography if you enjoy it for your own personal pleasure. Experiment with anything that turns you on. The ultimate goal is to achieve an amazing orgasm.

How to Enjoy Masturbation More - For Girls - Get yourself excited

Know your technique

The clitoris is one of the most pleasurable points of the female body, so during masturbation, it is a good idea to stimulate it so you experience all of the enjoyment it can provide. There are many ways to do it: touch it with your fingers gently with circular movements, up and down, giving small and gentle taps. The most important thing is to discover which way gives you the most pleasure, so then you can tell your partner how you like it.

Start slow. You don't need a lot of pressure or speed to climax, but you can speed up if it feels right. Move your fingers close to your vaginal opening and play around in this area. Take advantage of your natural lubricant and caress your labia minora (internal) and your labia majora (external) with your fingers. Move to your clitoris and enjoy the contact. Don't be afraid to introduce your fingers into your vagina and also pleasure yourself. What's more, within the first 4cm is the G spot. There is nothing better than discovering it and enjoying stimulating it.

Remember it is not just about your vagina and clitoris! Nipple stimulation is always a good idea. Likewise, you can grab your bum or upper thighs - see what sensations turn you on.


Don't be afraid to introduce sex toys and to explore with them. The market is full of different types of dildos to suit everyone. With them you can explore your different pleasure points, stimulate the clitoris, G-spot, vaginal and anal penetration or even both. They are good allies to have for a more pleasurable masturbation and to obtain variety on your own.

Vibrators are always welcome in the bedroom! However, if you are not used to masturbating yet, don't start with them. You must get used to your own body and sensations with your fingers, as this will simulate what sex is like with someone else. Likewise, if you get too reliant on vibrators, masturbation with fingers can almost seem like a chore. But it shouldn't be! Many people are also fans of using the shower head, letting the water massage their clitoris until they reach orgasm.

Try different positions. As in sex where you enjoy different sexual positions to help yourself climax, when masturbating you can apply the same trick. One day try being face up, another face down. Go on all fours or try standing up. Don't be afraid to experiment since a part of the enjoyment is in getting to know your own body and what you like. Remember to discover positions that work for you. It's not always about lying on your back in bed.

How to Enjoy Masturbation More - For Girls - Experiment

Practice makes perfect

If with all of this advice, you manage to achieve an amazing orgasm, don't stop there! Try more and more things. Test your limits and discover if you can achieve multiple orgasms. The majority of women who can have discovered this capability through masturbation, why not give it a go? After all, all you will gain is more and more pleasure.

Don't rush and make sure you have enough privacy so you won't be interrupted. That will just heighten your anxiety, which will make it impossible to climax or enjoy yourself. The most important thing to remember is there should be no pressure to masturbate. Let it be something you desire.

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