The Best Sexual Positions if You're Chubby

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 7, 2017
The Best Sexual Positions if You're Chubby
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Before we get started, just because you are chubby doesn't mean you can't explore and enjoy your sexuality any differently than anyone else. You will still be nervous or bold depending on your mind, not your body. Everyone gets self-conscious at some point, but it is true that people's weight can feed in to insecurities. There are also some practical issues which a few extra pounds can bring up. None of them will prevent you from having a fulfilling sexual life which can beat taboos and help you achieve intense orgasms. At oneHOWTO we have the best sexual positions if you're chubby to make the most of your physicality. And don't forget that there is someone for everyone to help you with the practical once you have the theory down.

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Steps to follow:

Bering chubby is a problem if you are a guy, girl, straight, gay or however you identify. We will be talking a lot about chubby sex positions for heterosexual couples, but most of these positions will be useful for any sort of penetrative sex between two people.

Doggy style is a wonderful position, especially if you're with a man who has a average penis size between 13 and 16 centimetres long, so that during penetration you'll feel it completely. Remember that if you are a little heavy, when considering chubby sex positions, it is as much about your partner as it is about you.

This position is perfect for chubby women because the belly isn't visible, an area that often makes you feel insecure. Your partner will concentrate on giving you pleasure in one of the most exciting positions, while you can play and stimulate your breasts. It also doesn't require much movement on the receiver's part, so if you are chubby and worried about movement then doggy position is a great way for you to relax into enjoying yourself. Doggy position can also allow more access to your vagina and, specifically, your clitoris. This means you can get greater stimulation and achieve better orgasm.

The Best Sexual Positions if You're Chubby - Step 1

Some people might be looking for chubby sex positions because they have tried missionary position and it has proved awkward. However, if you are reading this and haven't yet tried it, you definitely should. Many people find that this basic (yet often reliable) sex position has a way of working itself out whether you are chubby or not.

However, if you find it a little tricky, the spoon is another wonder of the Kama Sutra. It is an ideal way to enjoy sex without any insecurities and shows that a couple of extra kilos aren't even an issue. If receiving, lie down beside your partner and let them come at you as if you were spooning for a cuddle. You can lift your knee which is on top and help your partner enter. Once you're together, this is a great chubby sex position to enjoy sex which can be as tender or as energetic as you like.

This chubby sex position not only allows for very pleasant and intimate penetration, but your partner can use their hand to touch and stimulate you from both the front and behind. It doesn't prevent kissing either and, like doggy style, means they have access to your chest for extra titillation.

The Best Sexual Positions if You're Chubby - Step 2

If you are looking for a chubby sex position which works for you, but want to get away from the bed area, then look no further than the frisk. This is a sex position whereby the receiver stands in front and whoever is penetrating stands behind. It's called the frisk because it is a similar stance to when you might get frisked at an airport or concert.

Although some people may bend all the way over, it's a great position for chubby sex as you can put your hands on the wall and help to support your weight. You can also use a sofa or similar piece of furniture to help support you. As in previous positions, your belly isn't the centre of attention, your erogenous zones are exposed and ready for you both to enjoy hot, steamy sex. A perfect posture if you're chubby and want to achieve powerful orgasms.

The Best Sexual Positions if You're Chubby - Step 3

This sexual position has a curious name: the sleepy. It is an ideal (and consensual) way to enjoy the morning after the night before. Whether you are interested in chubby sex positions or just wake up wanting more, this is a move to make when you're eager for more pleasure, but too sleep to move too much.

The person receiving lies similarly to how you would with the spoon, but they hook their leg over. This allows the person behind to kiss the neck and chest as well as mouth kisses. You are also more open and can use your hands on all the major erogenous zones. Like above, this will give you pleasure regardless of a few extra kilos and you'll feel comfortable and ready for maximum enjoyment during the encounter.

The Best Sexual Positions if You're Chubby - Step 4

Maybe you are looking for chubby sex positions because you feel awkward about your belly, but you still want to be on top. Just because you are a little shy about being chubby or maybe because you just don't want to be looked at that day, doesn't mean you don't want to be dominant. A good way to stay on top and let the other person be submissive is to try the reverse cowgirl. This is when you sit on top of someone lying down expect you face away from them.

This can be a very pleasurable way for both of you to enjoy chubby sex positions. It may seem impersonal but it can also be really very exciting. The lack of eye contact only makes the situation steamier as you feel the penetrations intensely and he's free to stimulate your bottom area. A fantastic combination!

The Best Sexual Positions if You're Chubby - Step 5

As you've seen, there are many alternatives to have a good time in bed and put aside your insecurities, so we encourage you to fully enjoy your sexuality and intensify your orgasms in the most pleasurable way. Just remember that being chubby does not mean you can't enjoy your sexual life. It can often be that the way we feel about our weight rather than our weight itself makes us feel less sexy. You may want to change the way you think, find out new chubby sex positions or think about losing a little weight if it is bothering you. It's up to you, as long as you know that just because you are overweight doesn't mean you can't be sexy.


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The Best Sexual Positions if You're Chubby
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The Best Sexual Positions if You're Chubby

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