How to Avoid Gagging during Oral Sex

By Mary Smith. Updated: February 13, 2017
How to Avoid Gagging during Oral Sex

No woman ignores the fact that men love oral sex. However many girls refuse to do so, since they admit that during this practice often retch and feel nauseous which is very unpleasant. But the reality is that this depends on the way you perform oral sex and the penis size, also there are some tricks to control the situation and get to enjoy it. On we explain how to avoid retching during oral sex.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing to know is that it is very normal to feel some nausea and retching during oral sex if the penis is deeply inserted in the mouth, because it is a natural reaction of the body. But control is in our hands and you can enjoy yourself while giving your man oral sex.


Start with not predisposing yourself and do not let a bad experience affect the enjoyment. Oral sex is not only exciting for them but also for us to get to know that our partner tremendously enjoys with what we do. So the more willing you are the better you will be and will therefore be able to get control of the situation and gagging. Choose the best oral sex position where you both feel most comfortable.


To do oral sex always hold on to your partner's penis. By having it in your hand you also have control and the ability to decide how far you will insert it in your mouth.


Do not just stimulate the glans put it a bit further in your mouth, but don't let the tip touch your throat, or you will start gagging.

It is true that for them it is very exciting to penetrate deep into the mouth due to a game of domination / submission, so you can do it for a while and take deep breaths to control gagging. Once your guy has penetrated deeply, take the penis with your hand and remove it from the mouth to stimulate only the tip, so the nausea can subside.


Men have a tendency to take the head of the girl with his hand and penetrate deeper into the mouth, which often leads to retching. If you do not like it simply gently remove your man's hand from your head and return to take control of the situation, grabbing the penis and continuing with fellatio.


It is important to show your partner that he can enjoy rich and intense oral sex, without him constantly pulling on your head or needing to be so deep in your mouth. For this reason and to avoid gagging during oral sex, it is necessary to take control from the outset, and enjoy this practice too.

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How to Avoid Gagging during Oral Sex
How to Avoid Gagging during Oral Sex

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