Men's most common Sexual Fears

By Mary Smith. March 31, 2017
Men's most common Sexual Fears

Science has proven from studies of our brains that there is no doubt that men and women are different. We have different ways of operating, facing and solving conflicts and behaving, and it is clear that these differences are also present sexually. Girls are afraid of some things and boys others, but do you know what these fears are? At oneHOWTO we'll tell you what men's most common sexual fears are.

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The familiar issue of size

Does size matter or not? The answer will not come from a woman but from men because the first time a man has sex he still does not know for sure if he is well-endowed or not. If the response is favorable he'll calm down and perhaps assume it for the rest of his life, but if not, it will be the beginning of a never-ending fear. Insecurities, lights out, fear in the first encounters, these are part of the problems associated with this situation.

Insecurity about their appearance

Girls, does this problem sound familiar? Of course it does! This is one of the most common sexual fears of women and men, and to strip in front of each other is not easy for either sex. So from now on all we can relax knowing that we're both equally terrified by those extra kilos, that belly that does not go away or those arms lacking toning.

The soldier doesn't wake up

When you're young this fear is rare, as the response to stimuli is much faster. But after 30 years, demands increase and the man knows his desires more and his vascular system starts to operate differently, so he starts to fear and doubt whether he will get an erection, this is something that terrifies many.

Proper performance is a common fear among men, but having long lasting and quality erections is possible.

Men's most common Sexual Fears - The soldier doesn't wake up

The soldier doesn't fight

After size, this is the great male fear par excellence: not to please their partner. Not getting an orgasm is something that terrifies them, because they automatically relate the number of orgasms to sexual enjoyment and fulfillment.

Take a look at how to make your girlfriend reach orgasm if this is one of your biggest sexual fears.

A very short battle

There are clashes during encounters, some are very intense with a lot of foreplay that really leave you burning, which for both make the orgasm difficult to contain, and sometimes this will be reached in just a few minutes. This is a specific scenario, yet one of the greatest fears of men relating to sex is ejaculating early and leaving their partner unsatisfied and surprised. Make sure you use techniques to delay ejaculation if this is one of your fears.

If they don't like the ending

Sex is much more than two people doing something, it is chemistry, compatibility, giving and receiving pleasure, and not all sexual encounters nor everyone lends themselves to this. It is why many men face fear of not being liked in bed, that their partner has not been pleased or satisfied and the match is not repeated.

Men's most common Sexual Fears - If they don't like the ending

Does my partner have an STI?

According to several studies, the number one top sexual fear for men is wondering whether his partner has an STI. Men are afraid of asking, especially if it's a one night stand, but there's a pretty easy way to solve this issue: always wear a condom.

What can be done to prevent this?

If this is a guy you're really interested in, it's important that you let them know that compatibility and sexual chemistry will come with knowledge of the other, experience, giving and receiving, etc. Tell him you like, ask him what he enjoys, compliment his body and his penis and do not feel afraid to express what you think should change for both to enjoy themselves. Do for him what you would want him to do for you.

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  • It is normal to feel fear and sexual insecurities, the key is to not be swayed by them
  • If you think your sexual fears are too strong and it's hard for you to overcome them, feel free to seek help from a specialist

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Men's most common Sexual Fears
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Men's most common Sexual Fears

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