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How to Tell if a Woman is Aroused

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: June 19, 2017
How to Tell if a Woman is Aroused

Female arousal is not as evident as male, because in men, the main arousal response is an erection and couldn't be more obvious. Despite being more subtle, when a woman is excited, she also experiences changes and sensations in her body that are signs of great pleasure. If you want to know in detail what these signs are and how to know whether a woman is aroused, keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

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Signs a woman is horny

We know it can be difficult to read women when it comes to sex and her sexual desires. However, there are some obvious and not so obvious signs to look out for that may inform you of what she wants. Let's take a look at some of these signs that a woman is horny:

  • She looks at you intensely and for long periods of time. This could be referred to as "eye sex". This type of flirting is a fantastic technique to inform the man that she is willing for you to make a move on her. Look out for seductive glances, cheeky smiles and perhaps even a lip bite!
  • Your conversations start to get more sexual or kinky. If she makes bold, suggestive remarks or begins to discuss her sexual desires, it is likely she is sharing them with you for a reason. Verbal teasing is an obvious sign that a woman is horny because women are known for being indirect and this direct approach means she wants sex. Listen out for her questions on your own sexual experiences, your sexual preferences or perhaps her own.
  • She's touchy feely. Now, many women can be like this on a daily basis, to everyone. The key is to notice whether she acts like this usually. If you notice she is uncharacteristically giving you lingering touches in normally untouched places, she may be horny.
  • If she suddenly begins complimenting your appearance in a sort of sexualized manner, there is likely a motive behind it. We don't mean she will start objectifying you, but perhaps show how impressed she is by your arms or chest. If she is the kind of woman to compliment most people, don't read into these remarks too deeply.
  • Perhaps this is the dead giveaway. If a woman lets you touch her without flinching - and we mean sensually - she wants things to progress. Start slowly though. Put your hands around her waist and slowly rub her neck. She may let you take the reigns or actually direct your hands to other places. Let her show you what she wants.
How to Tell if a Woman is Aroused - Signs a woman is horny

Obvious physical signs that a woman is aroused

The following signs are what you will observe when you are up close and personal with a woman. Once she has confirmed that she wants things to get sexual, you will be able to identify these bodily changes.

  • The main sign that clearly shows that a woman is excited and enjoying herself is the presence of vaginal lubrication. The woman will begin to produce more vaginal discharge, which can vary in consistency and can have a specific scent depending on the stage of arousal. Lubrication indicates that a woman is ready for penetration and to enjoy sex. The vaginal discharge will make movements gentler and ensure that there's no feeling of discomfort or pain. Every woman produces a different amount of discharge. Although it is a good indication of sexual arousal, some women naturally produce very little discharge.
  • When a woman is aroused, she'll experience a significant increase in body temperature. While caressing and kissing a woman, you'll notice when you touch her skin, that it's much warmer and that she that feels more excited than usual.
  • The smell of her skin will also change and can indicate that she's excited. This happens due to the secretion of pheromones in the body, a chemical substance that sends olfactory cues in order to provoke certain behaviours related to sexual desire and attraction.
  • Because of the nerve endings, the clitoris is one of the most delicate parts of the female body but also an essential part of sexual arousal. When a woman is excited, the clitoris becomes swollen and is much more sensitive to touch and other forms of contact.
  • Another area that changes and indicates that a woman is aroused are her breasts.Breasts are also very sensitive to arousal and it's normal for them to enlarge slightly and for the nipples to harden and become erect.

You can use these tips with your partner or someone you plan on meeting. If you want to meet new people, find the best woman for you to arouse at, besides knowing whether a woman is aroused, you'd also like to discover how to stimulate a woman's erogenous zones and how to tell if a woman is having an orgasm, we invite you read the articles and find out.

How to Tell if a Woman is Aroused - Obvious physical signs that a woman is aroused

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How to Tell if a Woman is Aroused