How to turn your girlfriend on

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to turn your girlfriend on

Desire, libido and sensuality are concepts that may seem abstract, but the reality is that the more intimate rapport exists between a couple, the more connection there is in other respects, because sex is not just mere physical contact, but also the opportunity to strengthen the bond between two people. So if sex is important to you, and you want to explore new possibilities and keep your girlfriend happy, at we'll give you some ideas about how to turn your girlfriend on

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Choose the method

Although women love to be courted, it's not always necessary for a night of passionate sex with your partner. If you want, you can plan a special romantic date or you can get straight to the point without wooing her, affectionately, but hinting that tonight there will be a lot sex

Discover her weak spots

Something that never fails to appeal to human anatomy, is that every man and woman have certain sensitive points on their body, so if your goal is to drive her crazy, we'll show you in detail what are women's erogenous zones, since the right touch will make her go wild with pleasure

Act out her fantasies

If you aren't afraid to experiment and both value sexual intimacy, but also see it as an opportunity to test the limits of pleasure, then you can act out some of her sexual fantasies, the perfect excuse to turn her on to the maximum. Want to know more? Discover how to do it right here

The position matters

There are certain positions that drive you crazy and with her it's the same. If you've never ventured to discover what drives your girlfriend wild, we'll give you some suggestions about the preferred sexual positions for women, so you can arouse her to the fullest

Don't forget the romantic touch

Women are a complicated puzzle, and they value the sensuality and pleasure of a night of good sex. Even if they have the ability to play hard, and realise their ultimate sexual fantasies, they love romance, too. Contact, affection and tender words spoken at the right time are all important in the romance game and after sex, we all like to feel loved

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  • Don't be afraid to try new things, since part of the game of seduction is being adventurous and trying something different
  • Please your partner, because you'll discover that her pleasure is also yours

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How to turn your girlfriend on
How to turn your girlfriend on

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