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Sex Position: 68 - Incredible Orgasms.

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 28, 2019
Sex Position: 68 - Incredible Orgasms.

Surely you’ve heard of the sex position 69, but, do you know about sex position 68? Sex position 68 is similar to 69 in the sense that it’s a great and fun way of enjoying oral sex with your partner. The 68 sex position is a variant of the classic 69, whereby only one person will receive oral sex. But don’t worry, it is still an incredibly enjoyable experience for both couples involved!

This sex position leaves room for manual stimulation, forming a combination of two potentially great orgasms. So, if you’re looking to give and/or receive a great oral sex as well as spice up your sex life, this position is for you! For more about how to perform sex position 68, keep reading here at OneHOWTO.

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  1. Sex position 69: a variant
  2. Sex position 68: how do I do it?
  3. Sex position 68: best oral sex tips!

Sex position 69: a variant

One of the most popular sex positions in the world is the classic 69. But, if you’re looking to try something new when it comes to oral sex and foreplay, we think you’ll love the sex position 68.

68 is different to 69 in the sense that it is not a well-known sex position. In addition, difference lies in the fact that 68 does not offer the simultaneous pleasure to both participants that 69 does. Sex position 68 focuses on the concentrated pleasure of one person. Sometimes, when performing sex position 69, it’s more difficult to concentrate on giving the best oral sex due to the fact that you yourself are also being stimulated. In 68, however, the person who is receiving the oral sex can concentrate on their own pleasure only.

In the case of sex position 69, both participants must lie on their backs on top of each other. The person on the bottom will position their mouth onto the genital area of his/her partner. For more about how to practice sex position 69 for optimal pleasure, keep reading below!

Sex position 68: how do I do it?

So, how do you do sex position 68? It’s actually quite easy! One person will lie on their back, while the other will lie on top of them facing upwards but in the other direction (see picture below). Therefore, the head of the partner below will be perfectly positioned in between their partner’s thighs, giving them the ability to offer their partner the best oral sex ever!

Once in this position, the person on top will have to place their genitals at the height of their partner’s mouth, giving them great access to stimulate this area properly with their tongue or mouth.

If you are on top ...

If you take on the role of the passive (being on top ), the only thing you need to do is: focus on what your partner is doing, relax and let yourself go. In this way you will be able to make the most of this oral sex and we can assure you’ll also experience a great orgasm too! In addition, your hands will be free to touch yourself through caresses and masturbation.

TIP ! Try remain as light as possible as to not squash your partner. To do this, rest on your elbows and forearms lifting your body weight slightly. If you’re smaller than your partner, this may not be necessary.

If you are below ...

If you are going to take the active role then have fun with it! What better way to turn yourself on than by enjoying the fact that you can also help make your partner feel great! Other than using your mouth, you can increase sensation enormously by further caressing their erogenous zones with your hands. Stimulate their breasts, clitoris, balls, belly etc... You can also apply different hand pressure so that your partner reaches unexpected levels of pleasure

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Sex Position: 68 - Incredible Orgasms. - Sex position 68: how do I do it?

Sex position 68: best oral sex tips!

The mouth and tongue are two body parts which can offer incredible sensations. But, sometimes giving great oral sex can be sightly tricky. But, don’t worry, we’re here to help you! For some of our best oral sex tips, take a look at this list below:

  • Pay attention to personal hygiene before receiving oral sex. Having an adequate hygienic routine can help you avoid unpleasant odors that could inconvenience and disturb your partner.
  • Relax and focus on what your partner is doing, taking advantage of this oral stimulation, helping you reach optimal climax.
  • Let your partner know that what they are doing is good. Speaking during sex can often increase pleasure for both people involved. One of the biggest turn-ons is knowing that you are capable of making your partner feel sexually pleasured.
  • Vary the rhythm and intensity of your movements, this will add different sensations in addition to helping you find the right spot to reach climax.
  • Try not to only focus on penis and clitoris stimulation. Remember that there are many other erogenous zones which should not be ignored, such as testicles, perineum, lips etc...
  • Accompany oral stimulation with manual stimulation, kissing and caressing all other erogenous areas of your partner's body.

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Sex Position: 68 - Incredible Orgasms. - Sex position 68: best oral sex tips!

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Sex Position: 68 - Incredible Orgasms.