How To Use Ice In The Bedroom

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Use Ice In The Bedroom

Ice is perfect to cool you down on a hot summer's day. There is nothing more pleasurable or refreshing than feeling icy freshness on your skin when the temperature rises. Now, imagine this same icy freshness on your most intimate areas during the heat of passion. If you want to experiment with your partner and give your sex life a little jolt, how about teasing and tantalizing each other with some ice cubes? Open your eyes to the thrilling possibilities with this OneHowTo article in which we provide some titillating tips on how to use ice cubes in the bedroom.

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Steps to follow:

Before you use ice in the bedroom, set the scene in preparation. Unless you want to end up with a nasty cold, we recommend turning the heating up before indulging in a night of steamy passion. Also, we suggest covering the bed in towels to avoid soaking the mattress through. To set the mood, we also suggest turning the lights down low.


If you want to use solid blocks of ice during foreplay keep a container of ice cubes at hand so you can replace them as each one melts. Start turning up the heat by showering your partner in deliciously frosty kisses, placing the ice in your mouth for a little while to keep your lips lusciously moist. Then, delight him with tender kisses and playful licks working your way from his neck up towards his mouth. When he's burning with desire, playfully take another ice cube in your mouth and transfer it to your partners mouth. These chilling kisses will send shivers of pleasure down his spine and set the scene for what may come next.

How To Use Ice In The Bedroom - Step 2

Now, take another ice cube in your mouth and slowly make your way around his entire body. You could ask him to lie down on his front and move the ice cubes across his back and down to his thighs. Then ask him to turn over onto his back and do the same thing, sliding the ice down from his chest, over his nipples - which will stiffen with the intensity - working your way past his abdomen and stopping just before his most intimate areas. Repeat these movements using just your cold tongue to send temperatures soaring and make him shiver with excitement and anticipation for the main event.

You can also use the ice cubes on yourself, seductively running the ice cubes down the favorite parts of your body so he can lick the cold water trace.


Not everyone enjoys feeling the extreme cold on their bare skin so consider melting the ice a bit in your mouth beforehand. About 15 seconds will do the trick. When your mouth is cold, start kissing your partner and swirling your tongue around his erection. Used like this, ice is perfect for mind-blowing oral sex.


Tips and precautions when using ice in the bedroom:

  • Avoid using the ice directly on the penis, testicles or clitoris as this may cause sever burns.
  • Use ice in a warm place.
  • Try not to get water in the ears or other body parts as it can be quite annoying and can be distracting during the heat of passion.
  • Only do what you and your partner feel comfortable with.

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How To Use Ice In The Bedroom
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How To Use Ice In The Bedroom

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