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The Best Positions to Help you Last Longer in Bed

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: June 19, 2017
The Best Positions to Help you Last Longer in Bed

Male premature ejaculation is something that can mean both partners do not equally or fully enjoy their most intimate encounters. And when searching for techniques to delay and prolong the duration of intercourse, different sexual positions have a lot to do with it. There are certain positions in which friction against the penis is reduced and in which the man can control his excitement more easily. Knowing them and implementing them is a sure way to improve sex between the two of you. In this oneHOWTO article, find out about the best positions to last longer in bed and get ready to enjoy sex with your partner much more.

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  1. Face to face
  2. The fusion
  3. The spoon
  4. The hammock
  5. The medusa
  6. More tips to last longer in bed

Face to face

Variant of face-to-face. The classic Missionary sexual position in reverse, ie the woman above the man is ideal for delaying male ejaculation and lasting longer in bed. In this position, the man's body is completely relaxed, something fundamental in delaying the moment of climax. With the woman who is above him controlling the rate of penetration, she may feel a greater pleasure rubbing her clitoris against his pelvis, which can even make her reach orgasm before him.

The Best Positions to Help you Last Longer in Bed - Face to face

The fusion

In the Fusion variant position the woman is placed on top of the man, but in this case, sitting on his erection, it will also be possible to extend the duration of the encounter. Just as in the previous position, the man is completely relaxed without any tension, and the woman can decide where she wants to allow herself to be penetrated when she has total control of movements. That is why this sexual position is also perfect for men with large penises who want to last longer in bed, because the penetration does not have to be very deep and she can prevent discomfort during intercourse.

The Best Positions to Help you Last Longer in Bed - The fusion

The spoon

Mold or Spoon. This is a position to enjoy more tender moments of pleasure and soft rear penetration. Both of you must be lying on the same side with your legs bent, perfectly fitting both bodies. The man can control the movements, speed and depth of penetration. Also this position happens more slowly, so it is an excellent choice for when you want to enjoy the game for a lot longer and prevent premature ejaculation.

The Best Positions to Help you Last Longer in Bed - The spoon

The hammock

The hammock. Imitating the sway of a hammock, this sexual position slightly hinders penetration and entry of the penis into the vagina, so that it will be much easier for the man to delay ejaculation. You can enjoy the closeness and merge with each other through touching, kissing and erotic licking, so it is considered one of the most romantic, tender and loving Kamasutra positions as well as one of the best positions to last longer in bed.

The Best Positions to Help you Last Longer in Bed - The hammock

The medusa

The Medusa. This is one of the best positions that you can use to last longer in bed. This is because the friction which occurs at the rate of penetration is much lower and slower compared to other sexual positions. Furthermore, it is perfect for having sex sitting down in any space and enjoying a much more emotional encounter thanks to the proximity offered.

The Best Positions to Help you Last Longer in Bed - The medusa

More tips to last longer in bed

Now you know the best positions to help you last longer in bed, at oneHOWTO we'd like to give you some extra tips that will improve the length of your sexual relationships effectively.

  • Monitor breathing during intercourse. This reduces arousal levels and delays the time until climax.
  • Alternate penetration with other sexual activity is another great way of prolonging the duration of sex. You can stop the penetration and delight your partner with a little oral sex so that you can relax a little and delay your ejaculation.
  • Varying the sexual position on more than one occasion during the encounter will also allow you to calm down.
  • You can make use of delaying condoms that are available in the market. With them, you can lengthen the duration and enjoy sex much more.

And if you master this, maybe you can even go one step further and try tantric sex.

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The Best Positions to Help you Last Longer in Bed