The sounds that turn you on most

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
The sounds that turn you on most

For a successful sexual encounter you have to engage all the senses: Sight, touch, taste, smell and obviously sound. It isn't the same if it is completely silent and pitch black as it is when you feel awake and alert. We like to see an attractive body, touch the curves, try your taste, smell your skin... but what sounds turn us on most? At we will reveal the answer.

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When we talk about sex and sounds, it is clear that moans will always come up first, perhaps because they have become famous from the porn industry. The truth is that these noises produce enormous excitement to the other as they are a sign that you are experiencing pleasure. But don't exaggerate, the ones that are too high and constant seem false, unlike soft and drawn-out ones.

The sounds that turn you on most - Step 1

Sighs have become exciting sounds in intercourse as they usually occur once the climax has been reached or is close to being reached. This is an instinctive way of showing satisfaction or relief. Why relief? Because you enjoyed this time very much!


Verbal involvement in sex is necessary and that all couples use certain words, and a certain language during sex that characterises their bond. Words of pleasure, satisfaction, demand, nicknames, sexual fantasies... All these help arousal and orgasms

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You cannot explain the sound of a climax in words because each lover's is different. That thing that simply drives you crazy that only your partner does, indicates you have achieved a powerful orgasm. This is one of the elements that produces ecstasy and can be very memorable


Do not deny yourself the pleasure of hearing and being heard in your intimacy, dare to develop your own language of sighs, moans, words and onomatopoeia with your partner to make these encounters into a unique experience.

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The sounds that turn you on most
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The sounds that turn you on most

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