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The Scents and Smells That Arouse Women The Most

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2018
The Scents and Smells That Arouse Women The Most

Exciting and intense sexual encounters use all the senses. When masturbating, if we close our eyes and think of a sexual situation we use visual stimulus, but this is one of the reasons why it is such a limited experience. When we are with a partner, we listen to the sounds they make and touch their skin. Even with the lights off we can feel their sexual energy without being able to see their body well. The sense which perhaps gets overlooked, but it nonetheless incredibly important is the sense of smell. Smell is connected to memory, aromas reminding us of a previous sexual encounter can be just as arousing as a photograph, if not more so. This is why oneHOWTO looks into scents and smells that arouse women to see if this is a sexual power you have not been harnessing.

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It is a commonly accepted fact that memory is the keenest of our senses, but the complex understanding of how it functions is tricky. However, a recent study has shown just how powerful it can be. The study states that "odors that evoke positive positive autobiographical memories have the potential to increase positive emotions, decrease negative mood states ... [and reduce] stress"[1]. Unless it is one of your personal peccadilloes, stress isn't always conducive to a great sexual experience. Using smell to get you in the mood might not just make sex better, it can make the whole experience on your well being more positive.

Not only is smell close to memory, it also functions as our fastest sense. It takes half a second to recognize any smell of the thousands that the brain has stored in its memory. Furthermore, 25% of people suffering from a loss of smell also saw diminished sexual function. This means loss of sense of smell for many people can be directly related to a loss in sexual desire and function[2].

Human pheromones are a tricky subject. Pheromones in the animals kingdom are relatively well understood. However, humans are much more complicated. They may not exist in the same way as they do in animals, but this doesn't mean that smell doesn't affect our sexuality. Humans do respond to visual sexual queues, but there are studies which prove this is incredibly heightened by smell. How these sex hormones are stimulated by smell often differs person to person.

We cannot locate and bottle human pheromones, making it difficult to find the scents and smells which arouse women the most. Another factor is that everybody is different, with different tastes and memories. This means there are aromas which will turn one girl on like mad, but do very little for another. What we do know is that some smells are more likely to turn a woman on than others, so let's take a look at them.

The Scents and Smells That Arouse Women The Most - Step 1

While we know how important it is to keep clean, especially for sex, this doesn't mean getting down and dirty has no advantages. Also, there is a difference between being unhygienic and simply having natural body odor. Our body releases smells because we have been at work, showing our physical prowess and proving our worth as a sexual partner. If you are wanting to attract a woman, however you identify yourself, you may be ignoring a key strength if you use too much old spice or roll on.

Our natural body odor can be incredibly arousing. As we work up to sex, during foreplay or flirting over dinner, we start to get sexually aroused. This affects our physiology and we start to release certain smells. These olfactory signs signal our willingness to engage in sexual activity and they can be incredibly exhilarating.

Sometimes, however, it isn't just during foreplay or being around someone we are attracted to. If we engage in physical activity it helps us exert physical prowess. Working our bodies is a way to prepare for sex and the smell of this exertion can heighten our desire. It also greatly depends on how the woman you are with reacts. She may simply really respond to your own personal musk. There are biological reasons for this. In hetero relationships, studies have shown that women are more attracted to men who share a symmetrical smell, i.e. they respond to an odor which corresponds to them[3]. The same study showed that a women's smell during ovulation can also be more attractive. This is useful if you are a woman wanting to use your own smell to attract a sexual partner.

Also, when we talk about how body odor can help arouse women, we don't simply mean having smelly armpits. It can often be a more subtle smell on our clothes. Of course, this smell might be more present in a more sexually provocative area of out bodies. When we turn each other on during foreplay, we can release sexual fluids. For men this is precum and women it is plasma acting as a vaginal lubricant. If we are with a woman who is attracted to either, smelling underwear during foreplay can be a really big turn on and really increase sex drive.

The Scents and Smells That Arouse Women The Most - Step 2

Another naturally arousing smell for women is one which walks a fine line. As we have spoken about how smells leading up to sex can really turn a woman on, there is also the smell that comes after. When you are in the beginning of a relationship, often the sex is intense, fun and plentiful. You spend all day in bed, snoozing in between sessions and enjoying each others company.

You often don't realize the smells you are creating until you go out to the kitchen for an endurance boosting hit of OJ. That’s when you walk back into the bedroom and the smell hits you. As Drake famously put it, sometimes you have to simply ‘crack a window, air it out’. However, this smell can also be a turn on. It reminds you of the fun you've just had, re-stimulates you and helps you to keep going.

However, this fine line is the fine line between and arousing smell and a dirty room. If there is a lot of bacteria in your sheets, this can fester and lead to bacterial infections. At the very least it can leave an unpleasant funk which means any women in her right mind won't want to share it with you. Think of a teenage boy's bedroom and the thick fug of self-love in the air and you might get the picture.

The Scents and Smells That Arouse Women The Most - Step 3

When it comes to finding smells that don't come from our bodies (not necessarily ‘unnatural’ smells), then there are many which have sexual associations. Before we go into some of them, we should say that these are also subjective. Some of them will drive a woman crazy, while others might remind them of a crappy ex-partner which really dampens the mood. This is why it's always great to experiment and, shocker, simply ask what smells she likes. These many include:

  • Jasmine: seen by many as a natural aphrodisiac, helping to produce sex hormones in partners simply with one whiff. Jasmine is a fragrant and floral scent which helps to give that warm sexual feeling, great for soft and gentle sex.
  • Rose: another flower with a fragrance often associated with love and, by extension, sex, rose and rosewater are very pleasant light smells. They can help us feel romantic and be a great way to get us in the mood for lovin’.
  • Coffee: while this may be associated with the morning after sex, it is also a stimulant which can get us excited in more than one way. If you have spent a lovely morning together and you make fresh coffee in the morning for a woman, it can help reignite last night's flame and keep you going for more.
  • Sandalwood: a scent and aroma often associated with Eastern spiritualism, this is a great way to help get a woman aroused through smell. It evokes strong and deep sexual feeling, but may need to be used sparingly lest it overpowers.
  • Black pepper: using actual black pepper may just lead to unsexy sneezing rather than arousal, but in small doses in food or a perfume which has a peppery finish can work. It also helps us sweat a little, meaning it can help aid us using our own natural musk.
  • Lavender: a sweet and sensual smell, this can be added to the sheets to make our sexual playing field all the more enticing.
  • Ginger: another food smell which can get us really turned on, ginger is fresh and clean, but also spicy. This might mean it helps spice her up in the bedroom also.

Part of the fun of finding scents and smells to turn a woman on is experimenting. Cook food, use this for sensuality and buy essential oils. Incorporate these essential oils into foreplay, give a massage or simply put into a diffuser in the room. All of these create ways which not only use smells to increase arousal in women, but also combine them with our other senses to make it a full on sensual experience.

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The Scents and Smells That Arouse Women The Most