The Best Accessories for Foreplay

By Mary Smith. Updated: August 30, 2017
The Best Accessories for Foreplay

Rushing into intercourse is not the best idea if you want to boost your partner's pleasure to the maximum and enjoy a great evening of excitement before getting down to business. As you know foreplay is especially important for women's arousal, but men can also enjoy foreplay that will satisfy them. Find time to get into the mood for sex and try out some of the accessories that will make foreplay even more fun. This is why at oneHOWTO we'd like to give you a list of the best accessories for foreplay.

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Though you can purchase a sexy blindfold in any specialized shop, this is a great option if you don't want to spend money on foreplay accessories, as you can pretty much use any piece of clothing you have around home and tie it around your partner's eyes.

So why blindfold foreplay considered one of the best accessories for foreplay? Having no vision, your partner will have no idea what you're going to do, where you are going to kiss him/her next, or what other elements you are going to use to boost their excitement. It is precisely the unknown that will boost your partner's libido and make the pleasure of foreplay even more intense. This is precisely one of the best accessories for foreplay for women, try it out and you'll see how she loves it!

The Best Accessories for Foreplay - Blindfold

Massage oils

Foreplay is about all five senses, so massage oils are ideal to get your partner into the mood, as there are many that have sensual aromas. A sexy massage on your partner's whole body will excite him or her, especially if you closely move up to the erogenous zones.

If you want an original accessory to make a massage, how about a massage candle? Light it up and let the wax fall on your partner's body, the heat will boost him or her even further while you'll be able to use the candle to create a more intimate light.

Want to go one step further with the foreplay? Try out a tantric massage for a happier ending.

The Best Accessories for Foreplay - Massage oils

Add some flavour

If you have a sweet tooth then this one is for you. Though you can purchase chocolate pens to draw on your partner's body and lick the delicious chocolate off, you can also do your homemade version.

Use Nutella chocolate instead or the classic whipped cream to excite your partner, who'll be wondering which part you're going to lick off next.

Add some strawberries to the whipped cream to tease and play with your partner, this will drive him/her crazy.

There are thousands ready made edibles designed for foreplay and sex you can choose from nowadays, from flavored lubricant, ideal for oral sex, to candy underwear, which is extremely

The Best Accessories for Foreplay - Add some flavour

Cuffs & feathers

If you want to try a bit of soft S&M for your foreplay, then get your 'dom' out and handcuff your partner so he or she can't move. Now you have the power you can use a feather to gently tickle certain parts of your partner's body. The fact that the person can't move and the sensual caress of something as soft as a feather will turn him/her on greatly!

The Best Accessories for Foreplay - Cuffs & feathers

Finger teasers

Tired of simple hand jobs? Add some extra excitement by purchasing a finger teaser, a silicon finger with several protrusions specially designed to boost pleasure when fingering a woman. This will help give a stronger sensation on the woman's vaginal walls while doing your hand job. But it's not only for girls! These foreplay accessories can also be used for anal masturbation too! Dare to try it and find out the pleasure you're missing!


If you've gone past the point of using blinfolds and handcuffs, you can combine the extra excitement of these foreplay accessories with whips. Do not think that these are just made for hardcore dominant and submissives, whips make the list of best accessories for foreplay as they can be used in bed in more than just one way, not just for spanking, but to tease your partner by tickling and light spanking.

The Best Accessories for Foreplay - Whips

The dildo

You may think that dildos are just for masturbation only, but the truth is that using these accessories for foreplay can be a highly enjoyable experience for both partners. Pleasuring your partner can turn you both on, so choose a vibrating dildo to play with your partner's genitalia, no matter if it's a man or woman, as there are many types of dildo you can choose from, there are even some that can arouse a man by using it in the perineum area. It is a great accessory to combine while performing oral sex in order to enhance pleasure or even use it on the partner that is giving it, so you can both enjoy the experience the the maximum.

The Best Accessories for Foreplay - The dildo

Cards and games

If you're looking for foreplay that will last a little longer and prolong the excitement, how about purchasing an erotic set of cards or board games? There are plenty on the internet you can find. From die with different things you should do to your partner, to role-playing games that are full of erotica or cards that are designed to tease and turn your partner on. Anyone for a game of sexy snakes and ladders?

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