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The best male erogenous zones and how to stimulate them

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The best male erogenous zones and how to stimulate them

The art of seduction is one of the keys to keeping passions burning in relationships, to know which points trigger your guy's senses could make the difference between an explosive sexual encounter and another which is simply standard. If you want to enhance your partner's excitement then get ready to discover the best male erogenous zones and drive him wild during your next encounter.

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  1. Stimulate him from the hair
  2. Move to the ears
  3. The neck
  4. The power of kisses
  5. Chest, abdomen and arms
  6. Sensitivity by his crotch
  7. Do not forget his buttocks
  8. The genitals: erogenous zone par excellence
  9. Everything matters

Stimulate him from the hair

The erogenous zones are the most sensitive points of the body, those which lead to full enjoyment and then excitement. It may sound strange but the scalp is one of those points. Initiate contact by stroking his hair several times, this will help your partner relax and prepare for the enjoyment which is to come.

In fact, Brazilians even have a name for this action. Cafuné is described as the act of stroking someone's hair so, it might be more important than you tink...

The best male erogenous zones and how to stimulate them - Stimulate him from the hair

Move to the ears

At some point we have all been given a kiss on the ear, an incredibly powerful sexual stimulus as this body part concentrates a lot of nerve endings. While still stroking his hair move your lips to your ears, breathe gently and close, and play with his earlobe with your tongue (without leaving him soaking wet), kiss him gently and pleasure him slowly and sensually. These movements must be sensitive and provocative.

The best male erogenous zones and how to stimulate them - Move to the ears

The neck

The neck is certainly a perfect part of the body on which to express your desire for him. Give him delicate and small kisses in this area, licking discreetly and with gentle bites, alternating with the ear. These are the most explicit ways to show desire without words. So if you want to make your man explode with pleasure and anticipation do not forget to stimulate this important erogenous zone.

The power of kisses

Kissing is important in intimacy and sex. The lips are powerful erogenous zones and the way you kiss may be an indicator that what is to come will be good. Start gradually and slowly, playing with your tongue on his lips, bite them softly and caresses his body while you kiss. Increase intensity of the kissing as the temperatures rises. Let him explore your body while kissing his lips and let his lips take a walk on your body. You can also combine intense kissing whilst you play with his hair as we have mentioned above.

The best male erogenous zones and how to stimulate them - The power of kisses

Chest, abdomen and arms

Many women forget that in the chest, abdomen and inner arms there are important tender points, so if the goal is to seduce you can kiss and gently stroke his chest and abdomen, passing slowly through the inside of his arms and allowing him to relax and surrender to your love and care.

Nipples are also a very sensitive area, but you need to know you need to treat them with care and not to focus too much on this area.

The best male erogenous zones and how to stimulate them - Chest, abdomen and arms

Sensitivity by his crotch

Some women forget that on the inner leg lies one of the most sensitive male points, if you start to kiss and caress gently in this area you will make your partner go wild. Take advantage of the proximity to go slowly towards his genitals, ultimate erogenous zone in the male body which we will discuss later.

The best male erogenous zones and how to stimulate them - Sensitivity by his crotch

Do not forget his buttocks

While kissing or when he is on top of you remember to caress his buttocks, above all in the area at which the buttocks begin and the thigh ends, a point of great sensitivity in the human body. If he approves it and has no taboos on the matter, anal stimulation is profoundly powerful, but remember that your partner must agree otherwise it could bother him and ruin the moment.

The genitals: erogenous zone par excellence

After all this stimulation the best way to finish driving him mad with excitement is doing the same with his genitals, play with his penis gently whilst your other hand caress his pelvis, legs and hands. Provide a pleasant dose of oral sex starting with the tip of the penis and then continue with everything else and touch his testicles smoothly as you do.

The best male erogenous zones and how to stimulate them - The genitals: erogenous zone par excellence

Everything matters

In intimacy everything matters. Making your partner feel the maximum pleasure goes from an innocent kiss, a stroke on a sensitive part of the body to explicit contact such as oral sex or masturbation. Dare to explore his body and strengthen every intimate encounter to make every experience unforgettable, remember there are also things that men hate in bed!

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  • Do not be afraid to explore, but always remember to do it slowly and delicately, seeking to provoke the most extreme pleasurable reactions
  • Boost the power of the seductive moment; use provocative underwear and get into the role of a great seductress

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The best male erogenous zones and how to stimulate them