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How to Masturbate Anally

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 10, 2017
How to Masturbate Anally

Anal sex is a highly enjoyable practice, but many people are afraid to experience it, believing it to be painful or that embarrassing moments may occur and ruin the moment. Therefore it is recommended to increase your sense of security by exploring anal masturbation alone. However, unlike conventional masturbation in girls or boys, knowing where to begin when stimulating the anus is not so intuitive, so at oneHOWTO, there are some tips for you to discover how to masturbate anally and get a lot of pleasure.

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Steps to follow:


Prepare for pleasure. The anus is an important erogenous zone, full of nerve endings, so by masturbating anally you will get a lot of pleasure. So the first step is to relax and enjoy and not fear the pain. The calmer you are, the easier it will be to get pleasure from anal stimulation.

If you have never tried anal sex you may feel more comfortable by talking about it openly and freely with your partner so you both feel comfortable with the idea.

You may also want to experiment with anal beads before your first anal sex session to get used to the idea. Take a look at how to prepare the anus for anal sex for more detailed information.


Clean the area properly. Start by thoroughly washing the anal area to prepare it for masturbation. Use an enema if needed to get rid of any dirt.

If you like,you can turn this part in a bit of foreplay and have some fun by using your fingers or any of the anal toys commercially available.

Make sure you know about all the hygienic measures for anal sex so you are free from any STD risk.

How to Masturbate Anally - Step 2

Start stimulation. Start masturbating as you usually do, this will help you relax and enjoy the excitement of stimulation.

Once you're excited enough, you can start gently caressing your anus on the outside, massaging with gentle circular movements. This will help relax the area and at the same time you to start enjoying the pleasure felt by stimulating the area.Try rimming too, it's a very exciting practice that will help relax the sphincter further.

How to Masturbate Anally - Step 3

Prepare for penetration. Before inserting your finger into your anus, consider some recommendations:

  • Make sure you have short fingernails. This way you will avoid harm.
  • The anus does not lubricate naturally, so it is necessary to use lubrication to make anal masturbation much more pleasant and smooth. Place a generous amount on your finger, and a little at the entrance of the rectum.
  • If you are not comfortable entering your finger directly into the rectum, you can use a surgical glove during masturbation. You should still use lubricant.

Penetrate with your finger. Once you have properly lubricated your finger or sex toy, you can begin to penetrate your anus. You should start out gently, without force and feeling every sensation. Make gentle movements from the inside out, simulating penetration, and if you have sufficient coordination, start stimulating other erogenous zones of the body to enhance the pleasure.


Don't be scared of the body's reaction. It is normal when putting your finger or sex toy in your anus to have the feeling of forcing something out, feel no fear! This is an involuntary body reaction. Continue with anal masturbation because this response will shortly pass.


Anal masturbation toys. If you don't want to masturbate with your bare hands, the market is full of products that will make the experience even more pleasurable. As the anus is a sensitive area, we advise you to only use toys made out of the following hygienic and sterilized materials:

  • Silicone
  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel
  • Ceramic

Make sure you do not insert any objects that are not made with these materials.

Now you know a bit more about anal toys, you can choose the one that fits your demands best:

Anal dilator

For those wishing to masturbate anally but cannot control the fear of pain, it is best to make use of an anal dilator which helps slightly numb inside the rectum while the hole expands a little, reducing the possible pain and providing more pleasant penetrations. These include the aforementioned anal beads too. Slip one in at a time and pull it out. Repeat the process adding one bead more at a time.

Anal plugs

Anal plugs are also an excellent idea for those just beginning to explore anal masturbation, as they slightly help dilate the anus while enjoying a discreet pleasure. You will get maximum pleasure from this toy if you wear it while masturbating vaginally, so this will also help you get used to anal pleasure.

Anal dildos

Like vaginal dildos, these are pretty similar, with the difference that they are flare-based. Use them when you have had some previous experience with anal masturbation and you'll see how the pleasure multiplies. Just remember to be gentle at first, there's no point in having a first bad experience.

Prostate stimulators

If you're a boy, during anal masturbation you can stimulate the P spot using a Prostate Stimulator which goes straight to the P Spot offering a delicious sensations of enjoyment.

How to Masturbate Anally - Step 7

Now you know how to anally masturbate your partner you can try anal sex.oneHOWTO would like to show you the best sex positions for anal sex or how to stimulate your partner before anal sex.

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  • We recommend you refrain from any sexual anal activity if you have constipation and/or are feeling unwell (temperature, have digestive issues...)
  • Do not use common household items to masturbate anally as it may cause injury or infection. The ER is full of people with an embarrassing story to tell, so keep that in mind.
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How to Masturbate Anally