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How to Give Good Neck Kisses

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 3, 2017
How to Give Good Neck Kisses

Covering the body of another with kisses and caresses of different intensity is one of the most exciting erotic foreplay which you can use to enjoy whatever comes next. And in the game of kisses, one of the erogenous zones we must not forget is the neck, sweet, passionate or wet kisses on it, it will make the passion and rapprochement between the two increase. However, to kiss a guy on the neck, a good technique is always necessary, so do not miss the following tips on how to give good neck kisses.

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Steps to follow:

Rushing is not good and when you want to excite your partner by giving good neck kisses, even less so. Before starting to kiss a guy on the neck, approach her and subtly move her hair slowly (if a girl), and gently pat the area with your fingers. Thus, surely the excitement begins to emerge.


Focus on the most delicate and sensitive parts of the neck first: we recommend you start giving kisses on the side of the neck, they are ideal to turn someone on and fuel the desire to go further. The most sexy and sensual, is to just start kissing on the shoulder and work up slowly from his neck to his or her ear.

Open your mouth slightly, run along the side of the neck surprising them with only the touch of your lips, then give way to the gentle kisses, erotic licks and gradually increase the intensity.

How to Give Good Neck Kisses - Step 2

The neck is an extremely sensitive area when it comes to temperature changes, so do not hesitate to take advantage of this fact. Accompanied with light blows of kisses, letting you feel the warmth of your breath, run the area with the tip of the tongue or a wet kiss. The pleasure will be unmatched!


Don't forget to pay attention to all parts of the neck and also focus on the front area. Begin to give soft kisses just below the chin and go down until you reach the base of the neck, stopping before reaching the chest.

After this, back up, brushing their skin with your lips. This will make them experience bliss.

How to Give Good Neck Kisses - Step 4

When passion has overflowed, it's time to amaze with abrupt changes of rhythm, alternating with those tender kisses wildest. Do not hesitate to lick the neck and even give some soft bites.

At this point, you may notice some signs that will show it's the right moment and your partner is extremely excited. At this moment, when your partner's temperature rises, and notice the person is turned on, you can accompany your kisses with incredible touch of some other of their erogenous zones it will be perfect to enjoy the most intimate encounter.


After you give good neck kisses, there's nothing better than going down the chest to stimulate the breasts. If you also want to know how to excite through stimulating a girl in this area, do not miss these tips:

  1. Softly breathe on the nipples without actually touching them with your lips.
  2. Give soft and sweet kisses all over the chest, combining them with soft licks and getting your lips closer to the nipple.
  3. Lick the outer area of the nipple in circles and slowly kiss the area.
  4. Kiss the tip of the nipples with your lips softly and lick them.
  5. Increase the intensity of the licks as your partner gets more excited and softly bite them.

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Combining neck kisses with stimulation of other erogenous zones will be the key to an orgasm without penetration if you work on it properly.

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How to Give Good Neck Kisses