How to Give Wet Kisses

By Mary Smith. Updated: August 1, 2017
How to Give Wet Kisses

Wet kisses are warm, open-mouthed kisses that are charged with sexual and erotic energy. However, just as they can be the perfect kind of foreplay for a passionate and intimate encounter, they can also ruin the moment if not done properly. There are certain elements that should always be kept in mind. If you want to know how to give wet kisses without making the other person uncomfortable, pay attention to the tips in this oneHOWTO article.

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Why do guys give wet kisses?

Some recent studies have shown that when men give women wet kisses they stimulate sexual desire and increase the woman's arousal. This is because male saliva contains the testosterone hormone, which acts as the perfect aphrodisiac. The more testosterone the woman receives through kissing, the greater her arousal.

However, although moist kisses are very passionate and ideal for increasing arousal heat during sexual encounters, we must also be careful not to overdo the amount of saliva. Unlike juicy kisses, kisses which are too "sloppy" could end up ruining the moment and might not be received well by your partner. They give off the impression that you haven't had much practice. This is a trait many teenagers have when they have just started experimenting with kissing. It is messy and implies you don't have much skill...let's fix that.

How to have less wet kisses

Before giving a good wet kiss, it is important to think about the appearance of your lips. Avoid having dry lips, as noticing chapped skin while kissing is not pleasant. Wet them slightly with your tongue before starting the kiss. Avoiding bad breath is also key to making sure the moment is pleasurable and goes according to plan. Just imagine who you would like to kiss and how you would like them to, then try and implement that on your partner. Of course, not everyone has the same turn ons or desires, so always start off tame - you have the opportunity to build things up!

Wet kisses should feel warm and moist but there shouldn't be too much saliva. Washing machine syndrome is NOT fun to experience for both parties! It is best to stay relaxed, open the mouth naturally, i.e. not too far, and start with a gentle kiss before proceeding to increase the intensity. As you and your partner get more aroused, start kissing more passionately, use your tongue to tease the inside of their mouth and alternate between licking and nibbling erotically on their lips. Biting their lip may seem like a sexy idea, and to many it will be, but always start gently. Remember to keep the frequency low - they should be little sensual surprises. You wouldn't want to feel like your face is being chewed off, would you?

Limiting these kisses to the mouth is a big mistake, as this kind of kissing is ideal for pleasuring your partner in foreplay. In fact, you can indulge in wet kisses all over the body, but keep them tamer for lip action. Saliva can actually help slide your lips over your partner's body. Do not hesitate to cover them in juicy kisses, caressing them at the same time in their main erogenous zones.

If you don't already know, we encourage you to discover what these erogenous zones are for men and women. They will increase your pleasure immensely!

How to Give Wet Kisses - How to have less wet kisses

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How to Give Wet Kisses
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How to Give Wet Kisses

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