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How to Do it for the First Time with a Girl

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 8, 2017
How to Do it for the First Time with a Girl

The first time is an important moment for girls and for boys, but it normally has different connotations for girls; usually it's more romantic while in the case of boys it involves a lot of anxiety and desire. If you and your girlfriend, or the girl you're dating, have talked about having sex and it is only a matter of time for it to happen, then we give you some tips so you know how to do it for the first time with a girl and get good results.

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  1. Control your anxiety
  2. If possible, explore their body beforehand
  3. Forget your insecurities
  4. The great thing about being young
  5. A little trick
  6. If this is the first time for both of you
  7. Don't forget the condom

Control your anxiety

For boys there's so much anxiety, desire and social pressure to have sex for the first time, that usually before their first sexual encounter they worry about only lasting a few minutes before ejaculating. This does not mean you were bad at it or that you will be a bad lover for the rest of your life, it just means you got carried away by anxiety and excitement, so a good trick to try to control all this desire is to do everything possible to take it slow. If you are nervous she will be able to tell you are a virgin, so stay calm and act confidently.

If possible, explore their body beforehand

Before the first time, girls think a lot, making sure that he is right, and that's fine, but with guys it's not always the case. Sometimes your first time arrives without you knowing it. If so, follow the above advice, but if you're going to do it with your girlfriend or the girl you're seeing, it is important that before this experience you take the opportunity to play with her body a lot, so a part of you will be accustomed to sexual foreplay, in terms of seeing her naked, the way she gets you aroused, and it is possible that you will have more control over your anxiety.

Forget your insecurities

Whether it is a big or small insecurity, we are all insecure with our body. The important thing is to overcome this fear and don't let it take over the sexual encounter. Don't focus on whether or not the size of your penis is adequate, or if you're going to be able to pleasure her or not, this will be the first experience of many to come, and with time and some exploration we have the opportunity to improve the art of sex, so don't worry about it at this stage.

The great thing about being young

There's something you should know, your lack of experience may mean that you ejaculate faster than you thought, but a great advantage of being young is that after the first time you recover fairly quickly and you will soon be ready for the second round, where suddenly you won't reach orgasm as quickly, allowing you both to enjoy it a little more. You see everything has its advantages and when you are young, constant desire and excessive stamina are tools you can use to your advantage.

A little trick

If you have tried the two previous tips and you feel that you can't hold it anymore, there are two tricks that might help you control ejaculation. The first is mental, trying to concentrate on something else to clear your mind a bit, eventually you will see that the brain plays an important role in sex. The second is physical, if you take your hand and press the head of your penis with your finger tip, as if trying to cover it and press, it will delay your ejaculation for a bit. Try it and see how it works for you.

How to Do it for the First Time with a Girl - A little trick

If this is the first time for both of you

If it's your first time with the girl you like and both of you are going through the same thing, it is important to also make her feel good, treat her as she deserves, with love, gentleness and respect, and make this event an unforgettable moment for both of you.

Don't forget the condom

No matter how hot it feels or how much you want to have sex, there are two things that you will never want to get from a sexual encounter: an STD and a unwanted pregnancy, so it is very important that you use a condom and you always have one handy. Sex is not just about pleasure, it also carries a lot of responsibility, don't forget it.

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  • Don't pay any attention to any peer pressure. Everyone has their time and everyone has a first time.
  • Remember to reduce your anxiety and insecurity, and you will get better results.

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How to Do it for the First Time with a Girl