How to please an older woman in bed

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 28, 2017
How to please an older woman in bed

Who said that seduction is for the young? If both feel pleased the difference in years does not matter, much less today with the concept of MILF and cougar, it has become popular and many men fantasize about the idea of taking a mature woman to bed. But when it comes to women with some experience, like when it comes to taller women, seduction can be a challenge, so at, we have some tips for you to discover how to please an older woman in bed and make her yours.

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Steps to follow:

It is clear that every woman is different and there are no fixed rules for conquest. However any woman, just like a younger woman, wants to be looked after and pleased, they just have more demands, and a need for sexual fulfilment. Experience has taken hold, taboos are gone, what turns them into sex bombs is that they want to be satisfied. Do you dare to try it?


Going straight to the point is not always the best strategy when arousing an older woman. Although you must prove fearless and willing to get their attention during the process of conquest, in bed you should seek to please them the most. Do not skimp on kissing, fondling erogenous zones and much oral sex. Show her how much you want to please her and make her reach orgasm and see how you completely excite her.

How to please an older woman in bed - Step 2

Find the balance between action and be the one to take the lead. You must take the lead but let it be her who sometimes guides you with her experience. Take this opportunity to learn all the tricks of seduction that an older woman can teach.


Never show yourself as closed when in bed with an older woman. Most of them have already exceeded the typical taboos of early sexual experience and are fully willing to explore and enjoy every sensation. The more energetic and adventurous you are in bed, the more you'll excite the woman.


Always vary the sexual positions and show that you know how to do her favourites. Seize the sexual encounters to make new proposals: use toys, fulfil her fantasies, anal sex. Your desire and energy will conquer her.

You can surprise her with an orgasm without penetration or even go for something a bit more risky such as sadomasochism.

How to please an older woman in bed - Step 5

Always be available for sex. Not only to practice it but also to talk about it - something that is very important. Mature women enjoy talking about sex, it is an important source of excitement, but also want a man who is able to do so without fear of taboos.


Dedicate yourself to pleasing your woman, let her also enjoy the excitement. Do not rush to intercourse early and enjoy every moment of the encounter.

Control your sexual stamina and stay open to learning and teaching. You will see as your older woman enjoys being seduced and aroused by you.

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Louie Corrigan
I was 52yo & work part time in my local pub at lunch time that was 10year ago, a lovely lady who told me she 70yo, call Liz, when hit it off from the start about a month later she told me her ex-husband would punch her , I told her Liz if I was with you I would never hit you , or ignore you, she say why would a guy 52yo be interested in me a elderly old aged woman who 70yo, I told her I fancy you wlt take you out any time I not working as a electrican, treat you like a sexy lady who I want to enjoy day out & evening in she told me to get lost about a weekend later she walked into the pub about 5min to close time, I bought her 1/2 larger it was very noisy because dart team won, she leaned forward & Whisper in my ear Louie please tell me the truth did I mean what I told her I say Liz I don't lie yes I fancy her & I enjoy her company as a person she said right when you finished your pint, you can walk me home still say I know that I would regret it in the morning as we talked & walk I gently pull her into my arms kiss her say the only thing I regret Liz we didn't meet up year ago but I have got a answer & a promise for you Liz we both have a lot of time to make up for, & after the first time we both enjoy each other as adults, all I can say Liz so what if you are 70yo, I 62yo I promise you that I won't be going anywhere except work she the last thing I wish to see as we go to sleep & the first thing I see in the morning we spent 10year together we told each other day& night how much we love each other, she fell asleep in my arms last Xmas Eve as we kiss & cuddle up together on the sofa I could not believe it on Xmas day I woke up kiss Liz like I did every morning she was cold as ice she passed away in the night I miss her & it worse at Xmas this is for all the older woman who still think they invisible to men, I'm a man who hopes what a priest told me the love we both share, we will meet up again & spend the rest of eternity together I hope he right
I had been married over 15 year ago up in New York. We were married for 4 years before we went our own ways. Life has been really good down in Florida with very nice friends I exchange with. Good things are done here in fun ways but love has stopped. A nice lady with a 56 year old man would be nice if I could meet near the gulf where I live for over 15 years.

How to please an older woman in bed
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How to please an older woman in bed

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