How to stimulate testicles

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 24, 2017
How to stimulate testicles

In the sexual realm it is clear that exploring is one of the most important keys of pleasure, but that does not always involve exploring new sexual fantasy or unusual positions, but also dedicating yourself to those parts of your partner's body that you do not always pay attention to. And when it comes to male erogenous zones there is a very special way to do it, do you want to know more?, discover how to stimulate your man's testicles and drive him crazy.

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Go slowly

The testicles are very sensitive and delicate, so you should stimulate them very gently, but you also have to assess whether your man likes them being played with. Start with gentle caresses, take them with your hands delicately and stay attentive to his feedback, which will be your guide in knowing if it turns him on or not.

A foolproof trick

If you test them and he felt great pleasure when you were playing with them in your hand, you can go a little further to drive him crazy. During oral sex while caressing this area, you can double his pleasure, in the same way as when he plays with your breasts during oral sex,, the results are explosive.

One type of oral sex

You can do the same thing you do with his penis during oral sex with his testicles. Gently kiss them, use your tongue and if you want to you can suck on them too, but do everything very gently so as not to hurt him.

Why do it?

This type of trick, that may sound strange to some, works simply because the testicles are an important male erogenous zone and if you want to enhance sexual pleasure of both people, it is important not to overlook them, try it out and see how he likes it.

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  • Remember to try slowly, watching his reactions to move on to the next step, if you do everything right it's sure he will love it

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How to stimulate testicles
How to stimulate testicles

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