How To Turn A Woman On Without Touching Her

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. Updated: June 24, 2018
How To Turn A Woman On Without Touching Her

There are many ways to excite and arouse a woman. The best known ways are through touching, caressing and kissing. However, it is also possible to seduce her without actually touching any areas of her body. To achieve this, you will have to get creative, use your imagination and play with words.

Are you trying to excite your girl in a totally different way? In this oneHOWTO article we aim to give you tips on how to turn on a woman without touching her. Keep reading to find out more about non-physical seduction.

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  1. How can I seduce a woman?
  2. How to create a romantic mood
  3. Letting a woman know you care
  4. how to spice up a conversation
  5. How to tell a girl what you want

How can I seduce a woman?

In order to excite a woman without actually touching her, you have to make sure that this is done in person. We recommend planning to meet with her. Avoid trying to excite her over text message or whatsaap. Instant messaging will not have the same effect as a face to face conversation will.

When you are face to face with a person it allows for more understanding of their body language, pheromones and the temperature and/or chemistry between the two of you. Many people recommend speaking in a lower voice when trying to seduce someone, but make sure this is not unnatural. The fact is, adrenaline makes a person’s voice go higher. This is the reason why, when we are stressed or nervous, our voices peak in pitch. By consciously trying to keep your voice lower, you will allow for a woman to feel more comfortable, especially if she knows that you are calm. If you are nervous or anxious, you might pass this energy onto her, and the atmosphere won’t allow for comfortable seduction, but instead, might be awkward. Scientific studies show that a low voice is an instinctive demonstration of attraction to another person, therefore allowing for a more erotic environment.

How To Turn A Woman On Without Touching Her - How can I seduce a woman?

How to create a romantic mood

When you want to seduce someone in a subtle way, it is also very important that the environment helps you. There are certain ways in which you can do this. It is important that the space is comfortable, romantic and sensual for the both of you. You need to show her that you are interested in her sexually, and that you hope to arouse her subtly. Follow these tips:

  • Create an indirect light, either with some candles or by covering a lamp with some fabric to give a dim light.
  • Prepare a dinner full of aphrodisiac foods, such as: saffron, figs, asparagus, oysters and chocolate.
  • Use a little perfume, flowers or candles to soften the environment.
How To Turn A Woman On Without Touching Her - How to create a romantic mood

Letting a woman know you care

Nothing is more arousing than knowing your partner cares and is attracted to you. If you want to light the flame of a woman's passion with subtleties, make it known how special she is to you. Women, or anyone for that matter, do not like to feel like a piece of meat, an object or another item on your list. If you are just using her for this reason, give her the choice and be honest. Do not lead her on. Seduction needs to be natural, if she feels that you are lying about your emotions and are not being genuine, this will completely change the preferred mood of the environment. If you do genuinely care for her and want her both physically and mentally, here are some tips to show her how much you care;

  • If you have been thinking about her, tell her!
  • During your conversation, ask interesting questions that show you really are trying to get to know her, in a more deeper level.
  • Try to be fun during the talk. People find laughter sexy and a turn on.
  • Make sure you make compliments. Do not however make ridiculous movie compliments. Keep them real and simple, compliment her eyes, the smell of her hair. The smaller the details the better.

how to spice up a conversation

If she has responded well to these previous mentioned steps, it’s time to heat things up. At the stage the more honest you are, the better, tell her how you feel and that you want her. The worst that can happen is that she does not feel the same and that’s that. However, if this is not the case. Start moving your compliments to parts of her body. Comment on the color of her lips, dress etc.

How to tell a girl what you want

If she has responded well to your compliments, continue talking about what you want to do. If she at any stage starts feeling uncomfortable, stop. The most important thing is that this exchange is mutual. In addition, there is no need to be incredibly graphic. Sense what kind of person you are speaking to. Some people are more open to this conversation than others. Take it step by step. Here are some ideas of some seductive things you could say;

  • "I've been eating dinner all the time, wanting to take that lipstick off your lips."
  • "I would love to be able to caress every area of your body."
  • "I'm trying to resist to not take off that beautiful dress."

If at this point you notice that these phrases are exciting here, you can begin to provoke more passion and sexual tension. Add phrases to the conversation, such as; "you don’t know how you make me feel", "your presence is enough to excite me" or "you are driving me crazy". Again, sense her reaction, because if you notice she doesn't like this, try different tactics, everyone is different. If this is the case, you can even ask her how she feels or what she wants, and work with the information she gives you.

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How To Turn A Woman On Without Touching Her