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How to use Sex Swings

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to use Sex Swings
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A big part of the pleasure in sex lies in the capacity of testing and experimenting new things to combat sex routine and add a touch of excitement and fun to your encounters. That's something the erotic industry knows very well, so they don't get tired of inventing toys and accessories to increase enjoyment. Are you up for experiencing domination and charm? At OneHowTo.com, we explain how to use sex swings and enjoy them to the fullest.

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Steps to follow:


One of the most wonderful and pleasurable sex positions of the Kamasutra is "The Embrace", in which the man holds the woman while he penetrates her, as shown in the image. It's clearly necessary to have a strong pair of arms and also be light to do this. Otherwise, it would require a lot of effort and provide little pleasure. However, thanks to the love swing or the sex swing, this little problem is more than solved. It provides the opportunity to have sex while she is suspended and he penetrates enjoyably.

How to use Sex Swings - Step 1

There are two types of sex swings: those which are made to be installed on the ceiling of a room, ideal for those who are not afraid to shout from the rooftops and enjoy fun, and those used "temporarily" to place them, for example on a door, and make the most of experiencing all types of penetrations.

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How to use Sex Swings - Step 2

Love swings are usually made up of three straps: one that goes in the middle of the back, one that goes in the lumbar or the buttox and those to hold the legs. You can also find ankle straps - it all depends on the model. The material is usually padded nylon, leather or imitation leather. The important thing is that the straps are soft and comfortable so that they don't harm the skin of the person who is suspended.


Using the sex swing is very simple, as it is an accessory to experiment with positions. The most classic is the one that mimics the Kamasutra position that we show above, but by leaning backwards. The girl puts her back in the upper strings and legs in the lower ones, is suspended, with her legs spread and ready to be penetrated with a lot of pleasure by her partner.

How to use Sex Swings - Step 4
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The above sex position is the only one you can do if you buy a love swing for your door. However, if you opt for the version to install on the roof, you can try more positions. For example, sit backwards and sit on your guy, practicing the suspended puppy in the air and even experiment with anal sex in this fun way.

How to use Sex Swings - Step 5
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Whether you choose a sex swing to hang from the ceiling or one for behind the door, it is important to make sure of the weight that it can withstand before buying it. This will guarantee the enjoyment, but above all the safety of both of you. You also need to ensure that it is made of good materials that do not cause discomfort.


Dare to live this experience that combines domination, the charm and the pleasure of trying your favourite positions suspended in the air with one of the most fun erotic accessories.

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Image: latido.com.mx
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Image: latido.com.mx
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How to use Sex Swings