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Sex positions: The Deep Thrust

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: June 6, 2017
Sex positions: The Deep Thrust
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Experimentation is an essential part of good sexual encounters, so trying different positions is the key to fully enjoying sex with your partner. And certainly the Kamasutra is the best guide to finding the best alternatives for deep penetration positions. If you are looking for an explosive encounter, at oneHOWTO we present the best positions for sex: The Deep Thrust. The ideal position that ensures the pleasure of both people.

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Steps to follow:


The Deep Thrust is one of the preferred sexual positions for men and also women and this is clearly not a coincidence. In the case of men, they especially enjoy this position because it allows, as its name suggests, a deep penetration position which is highly enjoyable. Although it requires some arm strength, the result is exciting and worthwhile.

Sex positions: The Deep Thrust - Step 1

The inclination allows the penetrating position of the Deep Thrust making it possible during movements to also stimulate the clitoris, making women obtain an absolute pleasure as the man is responsible for setting the pace of penetration. When done properly, he can reach the G spot and give maximum pleasure.


Due to the ability to penetrate deeply into the girl, The Deep Thrust becomes an excellent sexual posture for men with small penises or normal sized penises, because the phallus can enter fully, allowing the woman's enjoyment.

Rather, it is a position that is not recommended in the case of men with big penis, unless the guy can control the penetration perfectly without introducing all his member.


If the man has a curved penis, of all the positions for sex, deep will be one of the best options, allowing him to reach the G spot of the girl without much difficulty. Although this type of phalluses often has problems with flexibility, there is no doubt that this position of Kamasutra provides pleasure for both greatly.

Sex positions: The Deep Thrust - Step 4

As a position for anal sex, deep also excels, but again you must remember the importance of the man's penis not being too large. Also applied to anal sex, this sexual position require good control by the man, so it is suitable only in cases of couples who have experienced this practice before.


And as if all this were not enough, The Deep Thrust is also an ideal position for women who have trouble reaching orgasm. This is due not only to penetration stimulating the G-spot or clitoris, but because the girl's legs are on his shoulders, increased friction, which is highly exciting for them.


But how to perform the deep thrust sex position? The woman lies on her back, with her legs raised, while the man is on his knees and allows the woman's legs to rest on his shoulders. Thus, the man can penetrate easily. We should note that, the more flexible the woman is, and the further back she can put her legs, the deeper penetration will be, as the man can further move forward and reach deeper. However, you should know where your back and hip's limits are, as we don't want any accidents happening!

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Sex positions: The Deep Thrust