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Sexual Positions: The Surprise

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 22, 2019
Sexual Positions: The Surprise
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Good sex depends on various elements, but there is no doubt that creativity is one of the most fundamental. Trying new things keeps relationships alive and one of the best ways to vary is by experiencing different sexual positions. In this regard, the Kamasutra is one of the best guides available, but if you do not have a copy to hand in oneHOWTO we tell you about one of the best sex positions: the surprise. Discover why it is so pleasant and for what kind of partner it is ideal.

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Steps to follow:


The surprise is a sexual position common when you want to practice vaginal penetration from behind, giving enormous pleasure to both. In this position it is the man who retains control of the pace and penetration, offering enormous pleasure especially in games of control and domination.

Sexual Positions: The Surprise - Step 1

This position offers a definite advantage as you do not require much room to carry it out, so it is an excellent alternative if we want to have sex in small spaces such as the shower and also if we want to get out of bed and try a fun standing position. It is worth experimenting, right?


The surprise is one the men's favorite sexual positions, not only because he controls the pace but also because of the inclination of the woman which has narrowing effects and therefore increases friction to have a great time.

Moreover, it's one of the best ways to reach feminine orgasm. Why? Because it allows deeper penetration, which is why it's also one of the best positions for men with a small penis.


If the woman enjoys anal play, no doubt that the surprise will be an appreciated sexual position because while the man penetrates there is space for stimulating the anus and increasing the feelings of pleasure for the woman.

This position can also offer some extra play if you are using a butt plug, as it will give your partner extra excitement.


That said, there is no doubt that the surprise is also an excellent position to practice anal sex and make the most of the encounter, allowing variation and fully experiencing a passionate and wild encounter.


There are several places where you can practice the Surprise if you don't want to do it standing up.

For example, you can lean on one of the arms of the sofa while your partner penetrates from behind, this way, the woman will have support to lean on during intercourse.

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Image: feeling.com.mx
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Sexual Positions: The Surprise