The Best Sex Positions from Behind

By Mary Smith. Updated: September 18, 2017
The Best Sex Positions from Behind

When it comes to sex, there are countless positions that you can try. You can always make sex fun and exciting by avoiding monotony. The quintessential book on sexual positions is the Hindu manual, the Kama Sutra. We'll show you some simple positions, as well as others that are more acrobatic and suitable for experienced lovers. Besides having sex in traditional ways, other more inventive positions can be used to create an intense and erotic experience. Today, oneHOWTO will describe in detail the best sex positions from behind. Keep reading!

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Traditional Doggy Style

Doggy style is the most commonly used name for this position. However, savage fury is the name given in the Kama Sutra sex manual. For this position, the woman is on all fours on the floor while the man penetrates her from behind. The woman should be supported by her hands on the floor so that she isn't thrown off balance and to facilitate the intensity of penetration.

If the missionary position is a classic sex move par excellence, doggy-style is for vaginal penetration from behind. This sex position has many advantages:

  • It is very exciting for both of you, as it involves a certain amount of submission and domination. Both parts will also find it pleasing because while the guy penetrates the girl, he can stimulate her breasts and anus, leading to a fabulous orgasm.
  • It is very exciting for both and is a good way to diversify and toy around with a little with rough sex and spanking.
  • It's perfect for boys with a normal or small penis. However be careful because it is not recommended for very large penises.
The Best Sex Positions from Behind - Traditional Doggy Style

Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl is another popular sex position from behind where the woman takes the reins and sets the pace (excuse the pun). There are a few variations of this submissive position. Generally, the man will lie down on a flat surface while she sits on top of him but facing away from him. With her legs bent at a 90 degree angle, she can set the pace and move in the way that is most pleasurable for her.

The position is perfect for the woman to stimulate the testicles of the man, while he has his hands free to touch and enjoy his partner's body. Another variation is using a chair or surface where both partners can sit and rest their feet on the ground. She should sit with her back to the man and with her feet supported so she can control the pace without any problem.Their hands are free to stimulate other parts of their bodies and they are so physically close that they can kiss and whisper in each other's ear. What's more, the difficulty of making eye contact makes it even more exciting, perfect for those couples who love to feel new sensations.

The Best Sex Positions from Behind - Reverse Cowgirl

The Libido

This is a variation of the sexual position we mentioned previously. It consists of the woman sitting on top of the man, facing away and instead of having her knees on the floor, she has her legs stretched out in a semiflexed position. This way she can lean on the floor with the soles of her feet and move her pelvis to control the pace. It can be hard to maintain balance so we recommend the woman to lean on the man's arms while he pulls her torso slightly back. the male's hands should be caressing the female's erogenous zones.

The Best Sex Positions from Behind - The Libido

The surprise / The Eiffel Tower

This sex position from behind is perfect to enjoy sex that's more wild and erotic. Some people call it the surprise and others refer to it as the Eiffel Tower. It's a simple position where the woman can show off her flexibility. The trick is that she bends over as much as she can with legs as wide as she likes, while the man penetrates her from behind. In this pose, he has his hands free to stimulate her body.

The surprise is an ideal position because it offers deep penetration and permits anal stimulation, perfect for couples who also enjoy anal sex. It's an interesting option when you feel the need for a change and want to leave the classic doggy-style behind. Do this position while the woman is resting her torso over a couch, armchair or even a table for extra comfort.

Tip: The woman can lift her leg a little so she's on tiptoes with just one foot to enhance deeper penetration.

The Best Sex Positions from Behind - The surprise / The Eiffel Tower

The Windmill

The Windmill is a somewhat more complicated position which requires advanced technique in the art of sex. The woman should lie on a flat surface and spread her legs, while the man faces the other direction and puts his penis inside her. First, the woman lifts one folded leg and then the other, alternating them, resting each momentarily on her partner's lower back. She must create a pedalling action, like a bicycle exercise as she drives the sails of the windmill. To maintain balance and so he doesn't get too tired, she can set the pace with her legs supported on the man's back. By raising her rear, she can facilitate penetration without him becoming exhausted.

The Best Sex Positions from Behind - The Windmill

The Wheelbarrow

This position is easy to do as long as the woman is quite flexible and the man has some arm strength because he'll hold her in the air with the help of his arms. To have sex in this position, the woman should be positioned with her rear facing the man like doggy style. He will be standing with slightly bent knees and placing them shoulder width apart. In order for him to lift her legs up we advise the woman to lay on the edge of a bed or some other flat surface. The penetration in this position is very deep and the pleasure is extremely intense.

The Best Sex Positions from Behind - The Wheelbarrow

The Acrobat

As the name implies, this position is for acrobatic women since they must lie in a severe back bend on top of the man, with their knees resting on the floor. This is an extreme version of the rodeo position because it is more physically demanding for the woman. Moving too much in this position isn't recommended. Instead, opt for gentle movements or slow, deep penetrations. In this position, the lovers' bodies are intertwined and he can kiss his partner's neck and caress her body.

The Best Sex Positions from Behind - The Acrobat

The screw

If we could make a list of incredibly pleasurable positions that are not used very often, the screw would certainly be on the list. Great for vaginal penetration from behind, her clitoris is rubbed every time the penis enters the vagina, and he has his hands free to touch his girl's breasts, as seen in the image, so this sexual position is very much female pleasure oriented. And if she enjoys it, surely he will too.

The Best Sex Positions from Behind - The screw

The spoon

A classic pose for romantics, the spoon is simply sweet, and is an ideal choice if you want to gently and lovingly penetrate vaginally from behind. While both enjoy themselves, she can play with her breasts and clitoris, which will undoubtedly be very exciting for her.

It is also a good position to use in the middle of the night or when you just woke up, as this position is pretty effortless and hardly requires any movement from any of the parts involved. So if you're feeling lazy, check out this position.

The Best Sex Positions from Behind - The spoon

The deep thrust

Last but not least, the deep thrust is one of the best positions for deep penetration. Although technically you are face to face, the fact is that you are certainly penetrating the vagina from behind. Deep penetration is fit for all penis types, but is extra perfect for small penises, as this is the position that allows the deepest penetration. If you have a long penis however, this may not be the best position as you may hit the cervix, which is quite painful for women. If you want a more romantic sex position, this is also great as, although you have all of the pleasurable benefits of penetrating from behind, you can also be face to face and make eye contact.

The Best Sex Positions from Behind - The deep thrust

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The Best Sex Positions from Behind
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