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How to do a good 69

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to do a good 69
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Number 69 is not just any number, it is one of the most erotic figures which can be found and used to represent simultaneous oral sex, in which both people are pleased mutually, reaching incredible levels of pleasure. But although it may seem simple, it requires some concentration given you are also recieving pleasure at the same time, so at OneHowTo.com we give you some useful tips to discover how to perform a good 69 to get maximum enjoyment.

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Steps to follow:

If as a woman you enjoy performing oral sex on your guy. If as a man you cannot resist pleasuring your girl with your tongue. If both of you enjoy this practice, then this position will be very successful, but, as always, to achieve the greatest benefits, you must know some techniques that can help you perform a 69.


69 posture is not only great for foreplay but it also works great to vary between penetration and increase the heat of the encounter. It's a great strategy to explore points of maximum pleasure and arousal.

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First of all, 69 is a position that should be done when both are already moderately excited, because this way the pleasure will explode immediately. Giving and receiving harmoniously, enjoying both of the actions is the key to delicious simultaneous oral sex.


For a good 69, is very important to note the position: Man lying underneath and the woman is on top of him, the vagina in the guy's face while she has her face in the area of his penis. This is the classic version, but there is another very pleasant option when the roles are reversed and the man goes on top, this position has some dominance for the man since he enters the mouth of the girl almost like he would with the vagina. This is delicious and daring.

If you both want to feel totally comfortable, you can always do it lying on your sides, though you might find it hard to find the position, if you master this position you can feel even more comfortable and the pleasure will multiply.


A good 69 also requires the use of the hands, as not all work is done by the mouth. In the case of boys it's recommended that, if they want to try something different, to remember that they should have both hands free to kiss and suck her vulva while they masturbate to stimulate the clitoris and other points of pleasure such as the G spot.


The girls also need at least one hand free to do the same. When women give oral sex to a man, regardless of how much they enjoy it, they may feel tired, so it's great to intersperse masturbation for a few moments while you stimulate his glans with your mouth.


It is very important to create a balance between the enjoyment of oral sex that we're doing and we're receiving. Many people admit to not fully enjoying the 69 position because they are too focused on making their partner have a good time. The idea of doing both simultaneously is to allow yourself to feel good while you do your thing.

Let yourself go and give at the same pace as you feel excited.


Hygiene is essential because our mouth is on the genitals of our partner. For girls, this posture invites them to practice anal stimulation, so remember that cleanliness is very important.


Clearly, there is no good 69 if there is no good technique for oral sex. So we invite you to do some research and practice your technique.

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How to do a good 69