How to Have Sex In The Shower And Actually Enjoy It

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Have Sex In The Shower And Actually Enjoy It

The restroom is not only a space for personal relaxation to get rid of daily stress and relax a bit, but it is also a good place to fool around with your partner in a wet atmosphere with naked bodies and sensuality. But although it sounds erotic, this sexual scenario should be carefully prepared in order to avoid accidents and make the experience as pleasant as possible, so at we give you some tips to know how to have sex in the shower and actually enjoy it!

Safety measures

The goal is to have a good experience and avoid accidents, so there are precautions that should be taken into account. Ideally, so no one falls down in the middle of the thrill of the moment, you should have a special anti-lip mat for the shower or bath, this will give you firm footing and allow you to experiment with various sexual positions.

Keep it simple

Although the atmosphere invites eroticism and experimentation, use simple sexual positions and remember that your shower is not designed for sex, so avoid holding pipes, doors, curtains, furniture, etc., which may collapse and cause a nasty accident. One of the best sexual positions is the surprise, as you don't need to be specially fit and doesn't require any type of support.

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How to Have Sex In The Shower And Actually Enjoy It - Keep it simple

A good idea

Another great sex position for the shower is her on top of him. But how do you do this if the bathroom does not have any furniture to sit on? You can improvise with a small surface such as a plastic stoolto support the weight of both and that fits in the restroom, so you can enjoy all the sensuality in complete comfort.

Latex and water

Latex condoms and water do not mix, so if the sexual encounter is with a non-regular partner and you do not feel comfortable without a condom, you can also fool around in the shower. Perform an erotic dance, touch yourselves while the water falls on your bodies, use some waterproof sex toys and complete the intercourse in the room for both to be reassured.

Sensual massage

Take advantage of this meeting under the shower to give an erotic massage. Remember, touch yourselves, create an atmosphere of provocation and ecstasy, use masturbation techniques for him and her and make the most of this experience

Water everywhere

One of the most common mistakes it to have the water on full blast while having sex in the shower. The best way to enjoy sex in the shower is to regulate the power of the water flow to an intermediate position so it doesn't go into you eyes. Make sure your faces are not right under the water flow.

The power of water will also be a great ally as you can use it to give your partner pleasure. If your shower handle has several positions, find the one that comes out with most power and point it at your partner's genital area (clitoris for women, perineum for men).

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How to Have Sex In The Shower And Actually Enjoy It - Water everywhere

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  • Sex in the shower is a great experience but do not forget to take the necessary precautions to avoid an accident

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How to Have Sex In The Shower And Actually Enjoy It
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How to Have Sex In The Shower And Actually Enjoy It

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