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Sex positions: Spooning

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
Sex positions: Spooning

Sex encounters are not so pleasant if they end up becoming monotonous and routine. Innovation and originality should therefore always be welcome. Try different sex positions. It is a definite way of experiencing new sensations and reaching very exciting orgasms. The Kamasutra can be our best friend in that. It contains a wide variety of positions and, among the most popular, is the The Spoon sex position , or Spooning. Find out in this oneHOWTO article all you need to know about this position, and learn to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Steps to follow:

The Spoon, Spooning or The Mold, is an ideal sex position for enjoying a more romantic intimate encounter, since it allows a delicious and gentle rear penetration. Both of you should be lying on your side, on the same side with your legs joined together and your bodies fitting perfectly together. It allows a slow, deep penetration, creating great pleasure for both of you.

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It is a comfortable and pleasant position for both him and her, and is one of the most loving positions. During penetration it's possible to enjoy complete contact, because the guy can manually stimulate the main female erogenous zones like the clitoris or the breasts, as well as delight her with kisses and small licks on the neck. Thanks to this and because it allows rear penetration, it's also an excellent position for those new to anal sex.


If there is something really pleasant in The Spoon position, it's the enormous friction that occurs during penetration. The girl, by having her legs closed and receiving penetration from behind, feels much friction of the clitoris which will significantly increase the amount of pleasure. That's why it's an ideal position for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm in their encounters and for men with a micropenis.


The Spoon, spooning or The Mold is also one of the best sex positions for those seeking to delay ejaculation, or simply for when you want to enjoy a more lasting intercourse. This is because penetration is slower and doesn't allow the penis to enter the vagina completely, delaying the moment of reaching orgasm.


To intensify pleasure with the Spoon position, the girl can always lean her body forward, separating it from his chest. So, if you want to enjoy a deeper penetration, don't hesitate to try this move!

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Sex positions: Spooning