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How to Have a Trigasm

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 20, 2017
How to Have a Trigasm

Experiencing orgasm is incredibly pleasant, muscles constrict in the genital area, we unload all our sexual arousal and feel a unique comfort in our body. If this feeling and gives us a tremendous thrill, can you imagine what it must be like to have a 'trigasm'? We are talking about a type of female orgasm that according to a Los Angeles sexologist, is experiencing a synchronized orgasm in three different erogenous areas: the clitoris, the G spot and anus. A genuine sex bomb! Do you dare to try it with your partner? Pay attention to the following article and discover how to have a trigasm.

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  1. What exactly is a Trigasm?
  2. Trigasm sexual position: The Fusion
  3. Trigasm sexual position: Missionary
  4. Trigasm sex position: 'Doggy style'
  5. Oral sex

What exactly is a Trigasm?

The key to a trigasm is excellent stimulation conducted simultaneously in three areas that generates the greatest pleasure in women: the clitoris, the G spot and anus. It's a synchronized orgasm, so different sex positions and manual and oral stimulation should be implemented during the intimate encounter. Here we show you the ways of obtaining the trigasm. Practice them and enjoy new sensations!

Trigasm sexual position: The Fusion

The Fusion is the sex position in which the girl sets the pace of penetration, a classic choice but offers a safe orgasm. To have a 'trigasm', the girl on top should tilt her hips toward him, noting continuous contact with the boy's pelvis to stimulate the clitoris. The girl's G sport will be stimulated by the penis while he should stimulate the anus with his fingers or smoothly with a vibrator. It is preferable to use a lubricant to ensure the experience is not painful. However, the encounter will be very, very exciting.

How to Have a Trigasm - Trigasm sexual position: The Fusion

Trigasm sexual position: Missionary

The classic missionary position or face to face is also a good option for achieving trigasm and feel pleasure. The boy on top, should penetrate deeply, getting to the movement of the pelvis, and pressing a few centimeters lower than her navel. This will stimulate the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. And, while holding this position, he must manually stimulate the anus of the girl.

How to Have a Trigasm - Trigasm sexual position: Missionary

Trigasm sex position: 'Doggy style'

This one of men's favorite positions and it is perfect to enjoy a very passionate and wild encounter. But how can I have a trigasm with it? On the one hand, the man is responsible for stimulating the G-spot through penetration, while stimulating the anus of the girl with his fingers or a sex toy. In this case, masturbation comes into play because the girl should stimulate her clitoris to make it to triple orgasm.

How to Have a Trigasm - Trigasm sex position: 'Doggy style'

Oral sex

To achieve trigasm you can also resort to oral sex, a real treat for the girl. The boy should focus on stimulate the clitoris with his tongue and lips, while two fingers placed in a hook stimulate the vagina. He can use another finger of the same hand or use the other hand to stroke and rub the girl's anus.

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How to Have a Trigasm