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Side by Side Sex Positions

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: June 21, 2017
Side by Side Sex Positions

There are many reasons why you might want to change it up in bed. Maybe your physical shape is making more traditional manoeuvres a little tricky or you are not reaching orgasm the way you have been doing it. Perhaps it is a psychological desire to stop a relationship going stale. Whatever reason you have for trying out new moves, side by side sex positions can be fun, simple and incredibly rewarding. Passion can play a big hand, but lying down sex positions are as good for a sensual fumble in the dark as they are for something more energetic. Keep reading oneHOWTO for our list of top side by side sex positions and discover the best reason for mixing it up in bed: it's really fun!

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  1. The mold
  2. The dragonfly
  3. The sensual spoon
  4. The Screw

The mold

"The Mold"

The benefit of side by side sex positions is that they work great for when you want to take it slow and steady. Many people enjoy side by side sex positions as a part of morning sex. Morning sex is great; the day is just starting, your lying beside someone you like (at least like sleeping with) and you have that warm, groggy, half-awake feeling which can be made so much better with sex.

"The mold" is a simple sex position and easy to master. It's so easy, it's a move many people might try out for their first time together. This is particularly the case if one or other of you are shy. Giving in to a mutual attraction like this can be very stimulating. To do the move, the person receiving lays on her side on the bed and the giver spoons from behind. This way you can penetrate the vagina or anus. With this position the lovers' bodies are very close. You can provide more stimulation through kissing or caressing the chest and sides.

Side by Side Sex Positions - The mold

The dragonfly

"The Dragonfly"

As we stated earlier, sometimes side by side sex positions are great if you are feeling sexy, but lazy. The dragonfly is not one of them. Have you ever seen dragonflies mate? They contort their bodies so that the male comes from behind and below (it's quite magnificent). If you want to be equally magnificent in bed, this position might be for you. While it may take a little manipulation, it feels great for all involved.

To do it right, the receiver lies face down on the bed with the giver at their side. Similar to a lay down doggy style, the giver penetrate from behind, but is also lying down. To get it right, the receiver will most likely need to hook their leg around so that they can be penetrated more easily. This is great for the receiver if they are in a passive or submissive mood.

The dragonfly sex position doesn't have the greatest mobility, so if you need to switch it up, you'll have to go into a different position. However, if you get into a good rhythm the penetration is deep, sensual and very stimulating for both.

Side by Side Sex Positions - The dragonfly

The sensual spoon

"The Sensual Spoon"

Spooning is something which some couples see as a post-sex activity, not a during sex one. However, the reason for its name belies the reason why it is such a good side by side sex position. Just as the curved 'bowl' of a spoon allows other spoons to be lined up perfectly on top or beside them, the sensual spoon sex position allows for the same. You can connect, feel close physically (and emotionally, if that's what you're into) and not have to worry about hitting your head on the ceiling fan.

It is similar to the dragonfly sex position. The main difference is that the person receiving is not lying face down, but on their side. The giver comes in from behind and penetrates. For the sensual spoon, the receiver pulls their face towards the giver. That way they can exchange looks and kisses, play with nipples, eat a sandwich set in front of them. OK, that last one may be difficult, not to mention rude, but the point is it allows you the opportunity to use your hands more than the dragonfly side by side sex position. You can caress the stomach, play with breasts/nipples and reach around to stimulate the clitoris.

The receiver can hook their leg over, if this is helpful and pleasurable. However, the spoon sex position, doesn't even have to be sensual. The receiver can also lay completely on their side and allow for the giver to penetrate without much touching. The receiver could even curl up if they wanted. It would still be a side by side sex position, but wouldn't be much of a spoon.

Side by Side Sex Positions - The sensual spoon

The Screw

"The Screw"

If you're thinking, "Isn't all sex the screw?" then it's good you are reading this article as that is a pretty limited way of thinking. The screw is not just an outdated way of saying you'¡re going to have sex, it is a specific position which be really fun when done right. Unlike the other side by side sex positions in this article, the screw is hard to do when both of you are on top of the bed. This one is best if the giver is at the side of the bed while the receiver is on it.

If you are a heterosexual couple then it's particularly good if for versatility as you can have vaginal and anal sex just as easily (apart from the usual issues). The receiver lies down on one end of the bed and rotates their hips so that they are open towards the other. The giver can stand at the side (or kneel if the bed is low enough).

By holding the receiver's back, knees or both, there is greater ability to rotate the hips. This is what gives the screw its name as the motion is almost like you're screwing yourself in (just remember, you're not). The receiver is usually passive, but it allows for greater opening and therefore deeper penetration. Remember, because of greater penetration, if you are having anal sex then you need to make sure you don'y get carried away.

If you are looking for some advice on this, check out this oneHOWTO article on how to have pleasurable anal sex.

Side by Side Sex Positions - The Screw

There are many other ways we help you spice up your sex life. Why not try to have sex standing up, try having sex from behind or having sex sitting down?

Side by Side Sex Positions -

While engaging in these side by side sex positions is a great way to mix it up in the bedroom (or wherever), it is only part of it. Sex isn't just about physical contact, but everything which leads up to it can be just as exhilarating. Foreplay is an important part of the fun. It puts you in the mood and revs you up physically so that when it comes time to have sex, you are ready to enjoy it more. If you are struggling to achieve orgasm through sex, this can make all the difference.

Side by Side Sex Positions -

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Side by Side Sex Positions